Tuesday, 15 October 2013


I just dicovered this awesome fashion website 'The Junk Magazine' which is a great inspiration for all us fashionistas/-os out there i think! (especially for those who like Grunge ;3)
check it out! 


Torre Abbey Café - My Very First Article for the Impact Magazine

I'm soo looking forward our first issue of the Impact magazine 
for which i'll write a column about trips you can do in the area of torbay.
So here's a short 'Preview' of what my first article will look like〜


With Love from the Torre Abbey Café

You still feel a little new and are looking for interesting things to do in Torquay?
Well, this is the absolute right page for you then!
As in the Headline already said, this article is about the Torre Abbey Café which is seriously one of the cutest, most lovely places in whole Torbay! It might be a little hard to find but in the end you'll be absolutely rewarded & it shouldn't be such a big problem with my trip-advising-map.
But first things first! - this is what expects you on my fabulous, cute little place of the week... 

You enter the room and are immediately taken by the comfortable and cozy atmosphere
- just like in grandma's living room! -
As you walk in you start smelling the flavours of coffee, tea and all different types of cake
and when you finally take a seat and notice all the cute, little details it makes you really feel like home.
well for me, there is no better place in whole Torquay for having cream tea & scones then the Torre Abbey Café. But why don't you come and see for yourself?

The Torre Abbey Café ~


Of course there will be more photo's and a detailed description on a map where you can find this cute place in the final issue of our magazine ;)
- just wait for the link -
click here for the official impact google+ community 

 well, so far about our school clubs.. 
i also went to the chinese shop to buy my lunch for the next 2 weeks today. 

it's a full drawer of food lol, can you imagine? 
just to insure I won't starve :3

that's all for the moment...

xoxo  Micky

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