Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Coordinate : Boyish + Anyshapes review

A while ago Anyshapes contacted me and asked me for a collab and of course I said yes since I love their cases! I was really excited when I opened the package and unwrapped the phone case and I didn't get disappointed! It's so stylish and pretty and I especially love the chain that holds it so you can even carry it like a little bag, it's so convenient!

Besides the cute case this look features a two-piece from stylnenanda which I really loved when I discovered it on their site so I just had to order it and my trusty zara oxfords.
I feel like this style is making me look really boyish, hence the title, but I can't say that I don't enjoy it, in fact it kind of reminds me of my childhood where I was the total definition of a tomboy (who wasn't at least a little bit of a tomboy when they were little?), it's refreshing :)

What is a style you currently tried out for yourself and really started to like?

xx  ♡ Micky 


Monday, 4 April 2016

Yesstyle : review

I recently ordered three crossbody bags from Yesstyle because I had been unsuccessfully looking for a really cute cross body or clutch bag in the local shops for quite a while but, as mentioned, without a great find. Yesstyle is always great if you're looking for cute accessories or pieces of clothing so I thought "why wouldn't it also be great for bags?".
I checked their bags section and ended up finding more than just one bag that I thought was super cute!

Now I don't wanna keep you waiting any longer, here's my three bags from Yesstyle!

These are by a brand called 'Bei Bao Bao', so cute, right?
This beautiful denim bag is from 'Appliqué'.
The shipping took about 2-3 weeks, quite a while but normal for yesstyle and in the end it was totally worth the wait! The bags are sooo adorable, just look at them!
Conclusion: Yesstyle isn't only good for make-up and clothes but also for bags ~
I'm very happy with my choice and can't wait to take these babies out with me :)

Which one do you like best? 
Also, which is your personal favourite brand for cute bags?

xx ♡ Micky 
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