Sunday, 22 September 2013

It's been 2 weeks now..

.. since i live in england and i think i've got enough time to make a first impression.
it is: absolutely amazing! i love it here- everything (except the very moody weather haha)!
i've met new super friendly people and made friends with them, 
done a lot of crazy things in the time i'm already here and simply enjoyed life. 
here are some pictures of the lovely, little town torquay, 
which the lucky me can call her new home for the next 2 years~

isn't it lovely?
i loved the day we went to the big wheel (*´ω`*)ノ
it definitely gives you the best view over torquay and you can take wonderful photos
(just like me^^)
i definitely recommend you to do this when you come to torbay and the weather is nice. 

well, not such a nice part, at least not for me, is the homework i get . 
but i know it needs to be done so i take my time to do it and it's seriously not too difficult. 

yesterday eve we went to the cinema watching insidious 2

here's the trailer:
(just in case you're interested and haven't seen it yet)

*omg omg omg*
i've screamed like a crazy!
 it was sooo scary, i loved it!! (;;;゛ω゛;;;)

oh! i've also bought a new phone because the old one broke..
(-> i've dropped it in the shower T___T)

and sent post cards & skyped with my friends a lot of course (^_^)v

and last but not least my pale, tired face (´ω`)
*just to give you a life sign* 

hope this post gave you some kind of impression of where & how i live now..(*´ω`*)ノシ

xoxo  Micky


Tuesday, 10 September 2013

live like a bohemian, live good 〜♪

so this is gunna be my first blog post about furniture.
to be a little more exact it will be about (as the title already says) bohemian furniture. 
maybe also a little bit hippie-like..
well, here's a photo anyway since i think it'll help you better understand what the random luxembourgish girl is actually talking about : 

and that's really really what i want my room to look like!
it shall look JUST like this *omg* ! ❤❤❤
i want it to be fair and colourful 
and i love it when there are cushions and blankets all over the place..
 - just can't get enough of them they're just soo comfy!! -  ゚・:,。..
(you probably might think it's just terribly looking like a mess but that's just how i like it.)

here a few more examples :


and the best thing.. i've found out where to get furniture to get your own room as closest as possible to this!! 
it is............ URBAN OUTFITTERS!! 
yup, it's urban outfitters. 
until today i didn't even know they had a 'home' section because i've just never mentioned it at any of their shops but when i've checked their website i've noticed it and you have no idea how happy it made me discovering this new worlds !

here are some of my favourites they offer on their website :






aren't these cushions so cute?
and this swing 〜 i love to swing..

If you're also interested in restyling or personalizing your room or making it more comfortable and like this style you should definitely check the urban outfitters out !
- they are the pure style ~☆

i've (surprisingly) also found really nice furniture on h& ! 
also check this out if you want

hope you've like this post and felt kind of inspired ~(´・ω・`)

xoxo  Micky


Saturday, 7 September 2013

England, I'm coming!~ ♬

Omg, tomorrow will be the day of my departure and i'm sooooo nervous.. 
i can't describe it in words.. (~o~)
my feelings are a mix of 'looking forward' and 'being afraid' 〜
my 'looking forward' ego says : 
»hey, you're gonna have a great time and make a lot of new friends over there!(*^^*)«
 and the 'being afraid' alter ego is like: 
»Just think about nobody is going to like you there and 
you're gonna get into a really strange and unfriendly host family 
who you'll have to stay two years with! TWO YEARS!(;_;)«
you see, i'm so nervous.. but actually (and that is the good thing!) my positive alter ego is stronger at the moment and this nervousness is more an excitement. 
let's come to the facts i already know about this 'journey', if you can still call it that...
( i mean i'm gonna stay there for 2 years!)
well, i'll go to the EF International Academy in Torbay, UK, to get my IB-Diploma
which basically is nothing else than an international A-Level. 
except some signatures of me and my parents for the contracts and the flight 
the EF team actually organized everything for me and 
i'm soo thankful for it! they were a really big help. 
if you're also interested into an IB-Diploma-Programme or an english graduation (A-Level), 
which will make it much easier to apply to international universities 
(especially in english speaking countries)
just check their website they're really good! 

all this preparation stuff was pretty stressful and really tiring for me omg, i'm SO tired ! 
(as you can see in the photo_| ̄|○)

xoxo  Micky

Friday, 6 September 2013

☆Summer Vacation 2013~ Madrid ☆

this post will be about my summer trip to madrid where i went to visit some friends.
well, after this trip i can clearly say it is one of the most beautiful cities i've ever been to and definitely always worth a journey... 
(ok i admit, it also was one of the hottest cities i've ever been to ^^...  43°C --- ahhh!! )´0`()
here are my photos to proof it ;)

Madrid, i'm coming! (^ ^) 

my outfit of the day of arriving - look at my huge luggage case omg! (>o<)

my make up for that day
i look like a ghost lol (・ω・*

we were so lucky with the hotel since it was just at the gran via, 
one of the hot spots of madrid nightlife right in the centre of the city~ ♬

my coordinate for meeting my friends in spain! (^O^)

original spanish breakfast is so tasty! 

so glad i've bought these pants! i love them! o(^-^)o♪

you can't go to spain without having original tapas!(≡ · x · ≡) ♥

traditional spanish market (´・ω・`)⋈*⋆

of course we've also made a city tour

my coordinate for the city tour - i love that pull&bear jumper 

''el corte ingles'' is one of the biggest department store chains 
in spain and even in whole europe!

this is palacio de cristal (= the glass palace) in retiro park

palacio de cristal from the inside - simply amazing! 

on that day there were 43°C! 43!! can you imagine?!
that photo doesn't do justice to the heat at all! (´◉◞◟◉`)

we also went to starbucks to refresh!

best ice-cream parlour ever! *yum!*(^O^☆♪

the madrid cathedral is really worth a visit! 

the royal palace

i just can't describe how much i love the spanish architecture !
(although it's all neo-classicism)

mmmmmhhhhhh!... spanish pizza...(*^_^*)♡

at the retiro park with my 'compagnones' laura and cristina~(´・ω・`)

view from the sky bar of our hotel ~☆

my coordinate for the last evening in madrid 
- i've bought that dress at mango suit in madrid-

you can review (and like ^^) almost all the pictures on my instagram

xoxo  Micky

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