Friday, 12 February 2016

Coordinate : Love Red

It's been a while since my last coordinate-post and I'm really sorry to keep you waiting and I have to admit, alhough I really don't have too much time these days I've also been sort of lazy to do it. But I really hate having new looks on my look book and no articles to go with them on my blog so now I've finally pulled myself together and decided to write one again! Here it is: 

Jumper : H&M | Pants : H&M | Watch : DW | Bag : Zac Posen | Shoes : Zara

I think I can say I've become pretty skilled at combining cheap clothes with rather pricey accessories and luckily I have because in this case it really saved the outfit! I love love love this Zac Posen bag, and especially because of the pretty colour. I had ordered this one online so when it arrived I was kinda nervous if the colour really looked like in the photos but when I unwrapped it, it was love at first sight! 
The leather wristband I bought for my Daniel Wellington was another thing I didn't regret. I like it so much better than the textile one & it's easier to match to outfits, too.
Another thing about this look that surprised me positively were the Oxford shoes I bought from Zara because the leather of my old ones from Schuh, which I loved and wore way too much, had become too wrinkly and worn out ~ I must say I didn't really expect much when I bought those Zara shoes, my first pair of shoes from Zara, because Zara isn't really known for the great quality of the shoes they make but this pair is actually surprisingly comfortable! :) 

Melbourne has been pretty boring for me recently since, after my friends moved to a farm on the countryside, I spend most days in coffee shops or just walking around the city or hanging out with my housemates. 
My birthday, yes, it's on Valentine's Day, is in 2 days and I have no plans for it either. I also can't believe that I'm turning 20! 20.. That's two decades of being alive already! And although I know that's not old it feels terribly ancient to me.. I wish I could just celebrate my 19th birthday again and pretend I was born in 97 to be honest. But yeah, 20 it is... Let's see if there will actually be something happening on that day. :) 

What are your plans for Valentine's Day?

xx ♡ Micky 

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