Sunday, 24 July 2016

July synopsis

This month has been such a blur for me, especially the past two weeks as I've been recovering from the minor removal surgery of my last wisdom tooth which took frustratingly long since my wound got infected. I am now officially convinced that wisdom teeth, excuse my language, are nasty little bitches with absolutely no purpose other than hurting like hell once they've been removed, so if you've been a lucky fellow who didn't need to get them removed you better appreciate it! 

(Review post for this wig coming very soon))

For some reason I also just experienced a basically overwhelming lack of motivation for anything and everything, so that might be part of the reason why there wasn't a lot of activity on this blog from my site recently..

To be fair, though, this ordeal didn't only have it's negatives - having spent the least weeks in a more or less numb state (thanks to ibuprofen) greatly resembling a hamster I took the chance to finish a book I had started reading and never finished ages ago and experimenting with recipes for iced beverages a little.

Making full use of all that free time I also discovered a TV show called "Lucifer" that I immediately grew to love after having watched the first episode only, so if you're looking for shows to watch, make sure you check this one out! 

If you like Supernatural &/or the crime genre, chances are you'll love this show! 

Have you made any unpleasant experiences with your wisdom teeth or were you lucky enough to be able to keep them?  

Let me know in the comments below :)

xx ♡ Micky


Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Coordinate : All White

Choker : Lamoda | Dress : Dezzal | Bracelet : Swarovski | Sandals : Lamoda 
This coordinate features a beautiful wrap-style dress from Dezzal, remember when I reviewed their website a few weeks ago? Well, they actually sent me this beautiful dress for review! I paired it with my Lamoda choker, my beloved Swarovski bracelet & platform sandals also from Lamoda for this look. I'm really glad the pictures came out so well, despite the dress being a little tight on me, so if you're planning to order from them I recommend sizing up, though this might highly vary from brand to brand that they offer on their website. I really like the design with the overlay & wrap details but I would have preferred the material to be a little..thicker and stretchier, just because comfort :P But then I should probably just lose some weight ^^;
In case you're having trouble identifying those hieroglyphs aka my handwriting, this was supposed to say "Stubborn with a good heart"

Anyways, I'm happy to say I'm overall very pleased with the service and my shopping experience with Dezzal. A big bonus was also the speedy shipping as my package literally arrived with me within about a week! 
Would I order from them again? Absolutely, but I'd pay more attention to the sizing and materials used next time as I tend to value this a lot, especially when the clothing is generally a little pricier. :)

Have you ordered from Dezzal before?
Share your experience in the comments below :) 

xx ♡ Micky 


Saturday, 9 July 2016

Coordinate : Run Boy Run + Pokémon Go release!

Hoodie : Pull & Bear | Skirt : Zara | Phone Case : Snupped | Choker : Lamoda
It started with a Jacket from Antonio Berardi, my love for neoprene outerwear, and is now being continued with this lovely oversized hoodie from Pull & Bear! There's just something about neoprene that makes it so perfect for almost any temperature within the mild climate range. I bought this hoodie while I was on my transit in Shanghai this winter, traveling back home from summerly Australia and hence, big surprise, absolutely underdressed and it literally saved my life - which is me totally exaggerating the possibility of a flu. 
Anyways, it kept me warm then & now in the warmer climate, keeps me cool. I can't quite explain the science behind this, but lastly divers use it for this reason, too.
Please excuse my grumpy facial expressions in those shots btw! 

And now onto something that seriously had me excited this week..

The Pokémon Go release

Omg guys, the time has finally come! Since July 7th, Pokémon Go is available on the app stores in the US, Australia & New Zealand and a release for Europe is apparently planned by the end of this week! As a person who grew up with the Pokémon games for Gameboy, Gamecube & Nintendo DS, you can go figure how excited I am about this game!

For those of you who haven't heard of Pokémon Go so far, here's a little trailer of what it's all about:

For more info you can also view their website here.

So seriously, how could anyone who played Pokemon growing up not be excited about this?! This game is so big, in fact, it's almost like my childhood dreams come true and the best thing about it? It's free to download!
Since the European version of it isn't officially available on the app stores yet, but the makers are rumoured to having announced that it would be released by the end of this week, you can be assured that I'll be checking the iPhone app store 5x or even more every day from now on until it's finally on there, haha - not talking about obsessions.. 

Will you be / are you playing Pokémon Go? 
What do you think of it? 

xx ♡ Micky 


Saturday, 2 July 2016

Coordinate : Bad Intentions featuring Snupped

Choker : Lamoda | Bracelet : Swarovski | Top : H&M | Skirt : Chloé | Sandals : Lamoda | Phone Case : Snupped 

Finally a new coordinate post on here! I was actually going for a pinkish, minimal style here but thanks to the grungy location it turned out looking kinda grungy overall. Oh well, my favourite item in this coordinate is probably the skirt I got form Chloé, it's a nice a-line cut with pockets in the front so you can actually store smaller items there - absolutely perfect for a night out so you can conveniently leave your bag and jacket at the cloakroom of the club/bar without feeling so naked. 
You can see the actual cut and design of the skirt in the picture below:

The beautiful phone case featured in this look is from Snupped, a tech-accessory online shop which lets you design your own cases, pouches & laptop sleeves. How cool is that?! 
So when I had the choice, since I just recently got the iPhone6s, I decided to get a classic phone case & picked one of the design patterns from Snupped since I didn't at the time have any pretty photos of my paintings or something else personal that I could have used. 
Anyways, the case was with me very quickly & I must say I totally love it! The geometrical, minimal design is so innovative & exactly my taste!

What is your favourite, most recent fashion item? 

xx ♡ Micky 

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