Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Directions Hair Colour

Did you ever have the wish to change your haircolour but only for a short period of time?
Then this is definitely the right hair colour for you since it only lasts for about 2 weeks and you can choose almost every crazy colour you want. (*´ω`*)
it is not expensive as well. 
i dyed my hair with it when i was in japan and even though it says 'use on bleached hair' and my hair actually is too dark i am very satisfied with the result. 
the colour is just a little darker and not as strong i guess.
these are the colours i've used: 

here is the result i got with the lavender - pink dip dye i've used:

(don't really like these two 
but at least you can see the effect of the colour without filter)

i just love the dip dye effect (´◡`)

*hope this post was kind of interesting for you *
thanks for reading!

xoxo ♡ Micky

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