Saturday, 27 June 2015 !

Top : Topshop | Pants : Zara | Shoes : H&M | Bag : Michael Kors

I'm so into monochromatic fashion lately hence the new look I have combined.
Black and white are definitely  the most dominant colors in my wardrobe, simply because they just give me the opportunity to combine them so easily, with other colors as well.
However I most of the time prefer black and white just being black and white. 
That's why I combined these two colors now to a rather chique look, here it is; :)

I'm so glad I've found these striped pants at Zara during my last shopping trip!
I've been looking for a pair of wide leg pants for a more elegant, yet edgy look for ages.

Now this would be my perfect outfit to set a statement or attend a formal party.
My oncle is gonna celebrate his birthday with a garden party soon and since my family is all fancy when it comes to official events like this, an elegant and formal look is almost a must so I think this look will be perfect to attend the party. The light material of the pants also allows me to wear them in a hot climate and they're also super comfy! - Okay - I'm gonna stop there because these pants are just gonna keep me doting.

Do you like wearing wide leg - or flared pants in summer?

xx  Micky


Thursday, 25 June 2015

What's in my bag for summer?

It might seem like we ladies always carry around those huge bags and totes full of things we don't actually need and not only are they taking up space in our bags but they're also an unnecessary additional weight. And surely one or two things might not matter but it can quickly sum up to a lot. Ugh..
That's why I always try to avoid these situations from happening by changing my 'in bag'-must haves every season since I've found that the things I need when away from home can change over time. 

So let's see what's in my bag this summer:

- EOS lipbalm  
an absolute must-have for me no matter what season we're in

- Estée Lauder Lipstick & Estée Lauder Concealer
I'm admittedly a really big fan of Estée Lauder for make-up & usually the only things I really find that I need to top up about my make-up are lipstick and concealer since I'm often in a hurry and might find that I've forgot to cover up some areas of my face just after I left already, so these always come in handy for me. 

- Snacks
for some reason I always seem afraid I might starve to death when going on a day-trip so I will always make sure there are some snacks in my bag - I really like fruity snacks or even fresh fruits like apples and bananas in summer. I also always make sure I have either TicTacs or Chewing gum in my bag before I leave the house.

-Anti Bac Hand Gel
Of course it's important to wash your hands before you eat or touch your face but sometimes when away you don't really have the opportunity to wash your hands right away - that's why I always keep these useful little bottles in my bag, this way I stay hygienic and don't have to be afraid to put on new make-up or simply eat one of my snacks, for instance.. Some of them also smell very nice!

- Contact Lens Case & Eyedrops
These are absolute necessities for me as I wear contact lenses almost on a daily basis.
I really like using Rohto Eye drops because they allow me to use them even while wearing my contacts since many other eye drops require you to take the contacts out first.

- Deodrant & Body Mist
I find that I hear the question "do you have any deodrant with you?" wayyy too much when I'm away with my friends. I think it should kind of go without saying that a deodrant should be in every girls bag in summer. Instead of heavy perfumes I prefer using lighter body sprays for fragrance in summer. Especially those that smell very fresh and fruity.  

- Hair ties, clips and a brush
I found this very useful almost every time I go out, since I often straighten my hair it is very prone to get frizzy when the weather changed unexpectedly - many times I've found that putting my hair up with hair clips or ties was a way to kind of save it in the past. 

- Shiseido Oil absorbing sheets
These sheets usually help me to keep in control of my occasionally oily skin. 
They're especially convenient for me to use in summer since I don't usually wear any foundations or powders in the first place.

- MiPow Power Tube
This portable little phone charger has proven to have been worth every single cent a lot of times for me now and I would never leave the house without it, especially when my phone is running low on battery. 

- Sunglasses
These are super useful for summer of course but I found that I especially use them a lot when I drive somewhere since I find that driving without any sunglasses in the bright sunlight could potentially even be very dangerous! That's why I think a second pair should definitely always be in your car if you wanna go on a road trip.

- Sun protection 
Another really important piece for summer is sun protection since it protects you from the dangerous UV-radiation which can cause skin cancer and make your skin age faster, just apart from causing horrible sunburns! Everybody should use sun protection but usually the SPF factor should go up with the 'lightness' of the skin, so for instance an extremely fair skinned person like me has to use sun protection with a very high SPF factor (I usually use 50+) for it to still be effective.

- iPod
I'm starting to feel like I'm one of the very few people who actually still carry one of those handy little iPods around. I'm just an absolute music addict and would listen to it on any possible occasion, even while going shopping. Of course I could listen to music over my phone but I really prefer to save it's battery for other things and therefore always rather choose my iPod, my little friend.. ^^;

These are my summer must-haves for my bag and with these I can always make sure to enjoy my trips and all the times I'm out. Of course they vary depending on the occasion but these would be the things I would typically take on a day- or shopping trip and since I usually use and love all of them I can be sure none of these products are a waste of space in my bag. My phone, wallet & a pen are things, like for so many others, I always make sure to take with me when I go somewhere.

What's in your bag this summer? :)



Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Productive days

Tee : Topshop | Playsuit : Zara | Shoes : Nike Air Force 

I'm so happy finally getting things done this summer, and with getting things done I mean bringing an order  ( at least as much of an order as possible for an artist ) into my life!
I also have the time to work on my art and bring things forward. 
I started experimenting with pastes just recently, which helps me to create awesome 3D-effects on the canvas. So if you like painting on canvas using acrylics you should definitely try these - I'm using 'CreaPaste' 
Moreover I can also focus on my style as in creating a lot of new outfits. With all the fashion, traveling around and art this summer I really get the feeling of being productive in a very creative way which is just one of the best feelings you can have to me. The arts give me the opportunity to kind of fulfill myself. 
The look you see above (and below) is one of my latest coordinates. I simply love this playsuit, it's easily combined with any kind of white basics and looks kind of cute. 

Here's some more photos of the look that were taken on another day: 

As you can see I was doing art that day. 
I'm determined to make this a new make-up trend called 'Paint on face'. What do you think? Lol.

Alltogether this is probably one of my favorite outfits this summer :)

What do you like to wear on the hot days of the year?
xx Micky

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Sunday, 21 June 2015

What to do on a sunday

Sundays always tend to be kind of dull, especially where I live since shops are not opened and going out in the evening is absolutely not an option since we all have to return back to work- or study life the day after. Ugh.. 
So what to do on a sunday, like today? 
I personally love to use the morning to just relax and sleep in (as in reeeeeally sleeping long and waking up at about 13:00 lol) but as opposed to that, I then use the spare time on the afternoon to really get things done. Especially around the house, like finally tidying and cleaning everything up and once I’m done with that it’s usually already evening - that’s how quickly time passed! My favourite activity on a sunday evening is to simply enjoy a good book or the newest episode of one of my favourite TV-shows on netflix while taking a bath. 
Trust me, there’s nothing more relaxing and rewarding than soaking in a nice hot tub after you really got something done on that day. 
I sometimes even spend about one hour totally fogetting about the time in there - I know I’m weird - but yeah, that’s how I usually spend my time on a sunday and of course with a lot of day dreaming, too. 

I'm currently reading this guide to success & it reads really well with a lot of nice images between the pages

How do you like to spend your sundays?

xx ♡ Micky 


Friday, 19 June 2015

Feeling down? Here's 5 ways to use body language to make yourself feel great!

We all have those days, when you just feel like staying in bed all day with internet connection and food. Social interactions? No, thanks! You feel way too low to even fake the happiness and there's absolutely nothing you could do to change the way you feel today.. Wait - What? The title of this post is about how to make yourself feel better inaspects as simple as body language? Yes! And trust me, it's really simple! 
Need a quick pick-me-up? Skip the coffee, and instead, stand straighter, 
smile and even try imitating a cheerful walk to lift your spirits. 
So here are 5 easy ways to transform a 'using-bad-mood-as-an-opportunity-to-be-a-hermit' kind of day into a 'I-really-feel-like-going-out-today' kind of day! 

taken from:

Increase Your Body Space
When you’re feeling nervous, uncertain and or afraid, you may find yourself crossing your arms or legs or may be putting your hands in front of our face or mouth. That’s called “body blocking,” and it’s a universal sign of discomfort, Carter says. To feel better, he advises flinging your limbs out and taking up more space. Making yourself and your space bigger conveys confidence, not just to those around you, but also to your brain.

Walk like you mean it

Scientists at Canada’s Institute for Advanced Research had two groups of study participants walk on a treadmill, one with their shoulders slumped and with a slow gait, and the other in a more cheerful fashion. As they walked, the test subjects were shown a list of positive and negative words.
The depressed walkers recalled more negative words, while the cheerful walkers remembered the upbeat words on the list, suggesting that their body language during the test had affected their moods and memory. The lesson here? Lift your head and stand tall, and you may just see your spirits look up as well.  

Flash those pearl whites!

You know the saying “If you fake it you can make it”? Well, it’s actually true when it comes to smiling. Since the 1970s, research has shown that even a manipulated smile can boost your mood. A genuine smile - one that involves both the mouth and the eyes - does all kinds of great things for you, like releasing endorphins into your bloodstream and boosting your immune system.
What’s more, researchers at the University of Kansas found that people who smile have better heart recovery rates after stressful events. So, if you find yourself in a stressful situation, a smile could just be what the doctor ordered.

Pose it up

Try a power pose to restore your confidence. Either raise your arms in the victory pose or put your hands on your hips like Superman, and then hold for a few moments. “Power posing” can help reduce cortisol (stress hormone) levels while increasing feel-good hormones.

Laughter really is the best medicine

Laughter is a great mood booster—it allows your muscles to relax, improves blood sugar, and raises and then beneficially lowers blood pressure levels, according to the Mayo Clinic. Because laughing is a social thing (you’re 30 percent more likely to laugh with others than alone), it decreases isolation. But that laughter better be the real thing: It turns out that the brain can easily detect the difference between real and fake laughter.

You might find that some of these tips might work better than others on you but I can promise that you'll feel at least a little better if you try to integrate some of them in your daily routine. :)  

Keep smiling, it makes you look beautiful! 

xx  ♡ Micky


Thursday, 18 June 2015

Ditching foundations for summer!

Okay, so I've decided to be more natural this summer. That means abandoning all my foundations and concealers (as well as BB creams) for the season and relying on nothing but mascara, maybe some eyeshadow and lipsticks.
I decided to do so because I really wanna give my skin a break from all the powder and foundations and allow it some time to breathe and recover. 
Of course this concept doesn’t only bring positive points, so I've spent some time thinking of all the positive AND negative points of wearing no make up and this is what I've come up with: 

  • learning to be body positive & learning to love your face!-
  • make-up can cause serious skin problems
  • make-up can make your skin age quicker
  • allow your skin to breathe
  • time saving
  • cost saving 
  • it's less stress

  • people will assume you're sick or tired all the time since you look ‘paler’ than usual
  • you won’t have the opportunity to cover up irregularities 
  • might make you feel a little insecure until you get used to it
  • might make you a little lazy
  • you miss the fun time trying out new make-up techniques and looks

I am now in week 3 of completely having abandoned any foundations OR BB creams from my face and I think my bare skin already feels and looks so much better. It also actually appears cleaner and brighter than before. In addition to that not wearing make-up makes it so much easier to occasionally catch your face or rub your eyes when they’re itchy! Okay, this might appear as a bit of a funny one but I am one of these people that tend to rub or scratch their eyes a lot so wearing no make-up actually gives me the opportunity to do this without having to be extra careful or even having to avoid doing it at all, haha. 
I am not gonna mention men’s opinion on this topic since most men will say »I don’t like make-up on women« but in the end actually prefer women who wear make-up because, let’s face it, they don’t actually have an idea what a real 'bare face' looks like. Lol. 
But seriously girls, YOU are you're BIGGEST critic. Nobody criticizes and scrutinizes you as much as you do yourself! So maybe when you get up with the decision not to wear make-up next time and notice a small pimple on your forehead, just keep in mind that you might actually be the only one who even notices it.  

Regardless of the Contra points or any man's opinion on my 'bare face', I am determined to stick to my decision and my motto for this summer is:

Don’t modify the way you are because you’re beautiful just like this! 
Embrace your natural beauty!

What do you think?

xx  Micky


Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Vintage 0981

Okay, I know it's summer and this might not exactly be a summer outfit but I 'recycled' this awesome leather coat from my moms closet and I'm so in love with it, that I thought I'd use it to create a look, so here it is: 

When I took it out and wore it to walk my dog in the evening and my mom noticed she was like 'God, how can you wear that old coat?' But in all honesty, I'm in love with it! It's comfortable, oversized and keeps me warm in frosty summer nights. 

Thank you for hiding such treasures, mom.  

Oh, and no, I didn't get a haircut, it's a wig! :)

Sometimes I just love wearing wigs because they allow me to change my look in literally only a wink. This one is especially awesome because it isn't too shiny, unlike most other wigs. I've bought it when I was in Japan, it's by the brand Clair Beauty. I unfortunately don't really know much about their other products, though, since this is the only one by them that I bought. However, it fits just tightly enough, looks real & has straps to adjust the size perfectly to your head. I love it! 

xx ♡ Micky 


Monday, 15 June 2015


What happy dogs look like

Okay, I wanna tell you about quite an urgent matter today. It's regarding the Yulin festival 2015. 
During this festival held annually in Yulin, southern China, pets are robbed and snatched from their families and homes and dragged by a rope attached to a car, kept in tiny cages, boiled alive, tortured and beaten very badly. Each year over 10,000 dogs are killed this way! As a dog owner and dedicated animal lover this thought is just absolutely disturbing for me, not even to mention about how mad this makes me! 
Fortunately there is now a way for us to help stop this lunacy by signing a petition - so if you wanna help just click HERE and all you need to do it fill in a field with your first and last name, email and address. That's it! And with this tiny step you might be saving the lives of thousands of innocent animals! 
In addition to that the hashtag #stopyulin2015 is drawing a lot of attention on social media right now, so if you could just post any photo under the hashtag #stopyulin2015 you're already helping! 
For those of you that are brave enough, here's a report by vice about the annual festival and it's horrors.. 

Please don't just skip this post since this is something really close to a matter of heart to me and many other people out there and any help will be appreciated! 
Oh, and just btw. being a vegetarian I do not support any form of eating meat from animals, just because I think it's cruel. 

xx ♡ Micky (& Coco)


Saturday, 13 June 2015

My beauty secret, Coconut oil!

Since I'm a child I suffer from quite a common skin condition called Keratosis Pilaris, aka. 'Chicken skin'. It is completely harmless to the health, yet, I still suffered because it basically creates red bumps that look like little pimples on the skin so it just doesn't really look nice and always affected my self confidence. I have a very light form of Keratosis Pilaris and it only appears to be on my upper arms. I therefore would hardly ever wear sleeveless tops or dresses and since it bothered me so much I’ve been looking for a cure to the chicken skin since ages. 

And now I seem to have finally found something that really works and since Keratosis Pilaris is so common I thought that this might be interesting for some of you, too!

The answer is Coconut Oil! 
I first read about Coconut Oil as a beauty wonder for skin and hair on a german website and became really curious about it.. 
Could this finally help me to change my annoying skin condition? 
I’ve tried so many things to get rid of it over the years but all I found to be at least partially working was to simply moisturise my skin so you wouldn’t notice the little bumps that much and make them feel smoother and some tricks with my diet that would help. But coconut oil for usage as a cosmetic product sounded kind of promising. 
I had tried so many things so why not try this one as well. 

It is quickly absorbed by the skin and the perfect skin and hair care product, in addition to that it’s easily available in any local supermarket and cheap. It’s very healthy and multifaceted! 
Apparently you can even use it as a deodorant or make-up remover. 

But back to my Keratosis Pilaris.. To be honest, after applying Coconut oil to my skin for the first time I didn’t notice a great change, actually didn’t notice a change at all but after 2 weeks there is already a visible effect. Coconut oil made my condition nearly invisible! 

As you can see my case is quite light but I suspect that in severer cases this might work even better! 

Still, I think the Coconut oil worked real wonders for me, my skin also feels much softer and hydrated now + I always smell like a bounty ^^
And the best part about it all - I can finally wear sleeveless tops without being ashamed of my arms again! :) 

xx Micky


Friday, 12 June 2015

Book review: The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare

The Bane Chronicles is a collection of 11 stories around the adventures of Magnus Bane, the High Warlock of Brooklyn, and takes the reader on a journey throughout his 800 years on earth and through history.

Admittedly, I am a big fan of Cassandra Clare's books and Magnus Bane is probably my favourite figure of hers. 
Not probably lastly because I can associate with his personality so well, He's adventurous but at the same time so deep. And he appeared in every book of Cassandra Clare so far which is why it was interesting for me to read a book entirely based on him. The book was surprisingly well written and I would especially recommend it to those who have already read books of Clare's Mortal Instruments or Clockwork series since it aids the reader to find a certain coherence between the stories and events in 'The Bane Chronicles' - although I don't think the knowledge of these books is absolutely necessary to enjoy 'The Bane Chronicles'. 

This Book made me laugh, think and brought me to the brink of crying with it's ability to draw me into a so entirely different world from ours and that, to me, is all it needs to make it a good book. 

Of course reading the 'Bane Chronicles' requires a certain extend of imagination and willingness to accept the mysterious or even impossible in order to really get under Mr. Bane's spell and enjoy the book. But if you bring these qualities, then I guarantee you that you will not miss to enjoy this 'magnificently' well written book. 

Here's one of my favourite extracts from the book that perfectly describes Clare's descriptive and catching style of writing; 

Hope this review was helpful, have a magical weekend! 

xx ♡ Micky


Thursday, 11 June 2015

My personal Top 10 foods for healthy eating!

Recently, I have become more health conscious and decided to introduce new and healthier foods into my diet. Not because I'm trying to lose weight or anything, but because I want to take better care of my body, as a whole. There are some foods I have found to be very healthy, make me feel good, and taste good too. So, here are my top 10 foods for healthy eating.

1. Dark Leafy Greens

Leafy green vegetables tend to be low in fat, high in dietary fiber, and rich in folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin A, potassium, magnesium, iron, and calcium. This can help promote heart and bone health. I'm not a huge fan of green vegetables but I love taking leafy greens and incorporating them into smoothies with ice, some water, and fruit. It's healthy and simply tastes like whichever fruit I chose to use (such as bananas or strawberries).

2. Nuts

Natural, unsalted almonds and walnuts for instance make a great snack. Nuts are rich in vitamin E, calcium, magnesium and potassium. They can be great for weight maintenance. The fiber, protein and fat content of nuts means it only takes a handful to keep you feeling full so you won't have the urge to overeat. 

3. Watermelon

Watermelon is a perfect snack for those of you that are maintaining a 'calorie'-oriented diet since they are very low in calories and are even said to be "negative in calories" which basically means the body burns off more calories digesting them then they actually provide. And of course they are also perfect to keep you hydrated throughout the day.

I love to add some salt when I have them since this usually, believe it or not, adds to their sweet taste.  

4. Berries

Blueberries, strawberries, rasberries, and blackberries are delicious and they're also good for you. Berries are packed with antioxidants which can help protect your hair, skin, and prevent certain diseases.

5. Yogurt

Plain yogurt can be a very healthy snack. It contains probiotics which can aid in gastrointestinal health. It may even boost your immune system. I particularly like mine with some oats, fruit and syrup as a natural sweetener. 

6. Fish

Fish are high in protein and low in fats. However, some types of fish are high in Omega-3's which is known as the "good" fats. Omega-3 fatty acids can help maintain cardiovascular and neurological health. These types of fish would include salmon, sardines, tila pila, rainbow trout, or albacore tuna.

7. Pomegranate Seeds

These sweet seeds are loaded with Fiber, key vitamins and and minerals such as Potassium and Vitamin K and can even help your skin to look better and aid in overall making you look prettier and more refreshed! They are also high in phytochemicals that can help to prevent cancer and promote heart health.

8. Avocados

Avocados are rich in satisfied fats and are proven in one study to lower cholesterol levels by about 22%! Like pomegranate they can also help to dramatically reduce the risk for heart diseases.
Avocados are a food that I just love to eat pure - just cut them in half, remove the core, add some salt, pepper and lemon juice and eat the soft inside of the avocado with a spoon. Yum!
But for those of you who don't like them pure I have also found them to be very tasty with bread (I use wholegrain), for breakfast or brunch, for instance, or in a salad.

9. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is full of fiber which can be very beneficial to our health. Oatmeal can help in lowering "bad" cholesterol levels as well. This is one of my favourite food when I need an energy boost right after I get up. I love having them for breakfast, simply add milk and syrup, pop them in the microwave and put bananas (or berries) and or some nuts on top when it's ready. 

10. Dark Chocolate

I know, chocolate is typically not seen as a healthy food. However, this is one of those things where moderation is important. Natural, unrefined, and high quality dark chocolate in small amounts can actually be quite healthy. It's loaded with minerals and packed with antioxidants which can be very beneficial to the body.

Are you hungry, yet?  
These were my personal favourites for healthy eating and some yummy snack ideas. 
What are some foods you like to eat to stay healthy or give yourself an energy boost? 

xx  Micky 


Chanel x Zara

This is one of my favourite summer outfits! 
It's very light and casual but still looks stylish. 
For the look I've combined my striped Zara tunic, Lamoda ankle boots and a 
convenient hand bag by Chanel. It's so simple. 

 The comfortable linen material of the tunic allows my skin to breathe even in hot and humid weather. 

For my make-up I've used: 

  • Canmake Perfect Serum bb cream 01 light
  • It's Skin Babyface Blusher in peach
  • Estée Lauder Pure Color eyeshadow
  • Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme mascara 
  • Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner by Koji
  • & EOS lip balm in mint to enhance my lips natural look

And this is the result: 

I'm quite happy with it, especially because I could now finally prove people wrong who kept telling me
I'd look like an me or goth with 'smokey eye' make up. Yeah, such a goth.. 

I hope you enjoyed this post - I'll hopefully have the chance to post more look posts asap! 

xx ♡ Micky


Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Amsterdam, May 2015

So at the end of may before finally returning back home after spending the past 2 years in the UK, I made a stop at Amsterdam! The dutch capital is commonly known for it's great cheese and it's canals but I was looking to explore a different side of it all and, as a 'foodie', just felt like it was my mission to find the best places for having a snack or a proper meal, so that I can give you guys advice on where to go if you ever stop by Amsterdam! ;)

It's a great city for a trip, the atmosphere between the rows of small houses and countless canals is very relaxed and nearly everybody is calm and very friendly. You come to Amsterdam and time simply doesn't seem to matter this much anymore.. Hectic? What's that?!

Of course such a friendly, relaxed city is also great for green foods and clean eating! Even on my way to the city centre I already passed by a lot of shops and restaurants that offer non-processed foods.

My favourite however was the 'Peperwortel', located at the Overtoom 140.
Just look at how cute it already looks from the outside!

I decided to try their veggie curry which came with a flatbread and tasted even better than it looked.
It was simply amazing and apart from curry the deli also offers sandwiches, salads and tempting picnic baskets.

If you are more into sweet stuff however, there are countless of candy shops in the shopping area of Amsterdam offering fantastic Churros, Crepes and Belgian Waffles! 

My favourite here was the 'Jamin Amsterdam' at Leidsestraat 98-100 (it's a chain) where I tried a Belgian Waffle with Nutella, fresh Strawberry & Kitkat topping and it was by far the best Belgian waffle I've had in a while.

Are you hungry, yet?
Look at these delicious snacks! 

Okay okay, I'm not gonna torture you any longer..Of course I also went shopping a lot since the sheer endless shopping area is just amazing for that, regardless of what shop you're looking for, it's there! 

There's a canal behind me

One of the dresses I've bought
I also found traditional dutch wooden shoes! A little oversized maybe.. 

In addition to the food and shopping I also passed by this cute little art shop and just couldn't resist going inside.. 

So who did I go with on this beautiful trip? 
I went with my wonderful mom who also picked me up at the airport! 
After half a year, it was really nice to do something together.

Check out my Instagram for more photos 
(still uploading Amsterdam snaps here and then)!

Thank you for reading! 

xx Micky 

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