Sunday, 27 March 2016

Short Trips: London & Dublin

Over the past three weeks I've had a really nice time traveling again.
I feel strange lately because for some reason I enjoy being away from home a crazy lot, much more than I should. Anyways, lets skip the talking part for this post and lets come straight to the photos I took! 

Here's my impressions of London:

The UK trip consisted mainly of tasty food, spending excessive amounts of money shopping and happy reunions with old friends, it was wonderful :)

I also went to Dublin shortly after but it wasn't that exciting because it was a trip which was mainly thought to be a family reunion for St. Patrick's Day. 
Said St. Patrick's Day was spent at a family get-together at my grandfather's manor so unfortunately we didn't get to see the parade in Dublin but we had a really nice time nevertheless and I did eventually still have the time to visit Dublin plenty!

Have a selfie with my favourite cousin who paid for me way too many times during my time in Dublin because I really could've sworn I was broke after London but actually I wasn't lol, I love him though ~ the kind of person that has my back when I'm right and also when I'm wrong :)

And now? Now I'm back home again, not knowing what to do with my time until my next adventure/the start of university in autumn but I'm working on some new posts and also planning to actually find a part-time job somewhere and earn some own money to spend. 
Hopefully that plan will work! 

Have you ever been to London or Dublin? 
They are two of my favourite cities personally, but how did you like them and which places did you like best? 

xx ♡ Micky 


Friday, 18 March 2016

Coordinate : Can I Kick It? + Sammydress review

Coat : Sammydress | Top : Zare | Jeans : Zara | Shoes : Stan Smith Adidas |
Backpack : Lamoda

It's been a while since my last coordinate post but finally I've found the time to capture my look again so here it is! This outfit features a beautiful coat that was sent to me from, a website offering a huge variety of different styles and trends for low prices. 
I had been looking for a long coat like this for ages so I was really happy when I finally discovered it on their website and didn't hesitate to order. Unfortunately it arrived while I was away in Australia so I didn't get to see it until I returned a few weeks ago but when I finally unpacked it you can't believe how happy I was. I was really positively surprised because, judging by the low price that I bought it for, I didn't expect much but this coat was really pretty and a heavy, dense material! 
I actually wore it a lot since I got back, even washed it once, and it's still in perfect condition :) 
The only thing that bothered me a bit was that the sleeves weren't as wide as in the photo shown on the website but they were still more than wide enough for my arms to fit through but as that was the only slightly negative thing I could find about it, I would still give this coat a great 4/5 hearts! 

Two other items features in this look that are probably worth a mention are the "Can I Kick It?"-backpack I got from Lamoda, it's such an eye-catcher, and the Stan Smiths, yes, I finally got myself a pair. I really don't know how I could live all this time without having owned a pair of these sneakers. They are literally my go-to sneakers ever since I've bought them. They look good with almost any pants, especially jeans and I already know one thing for certain – if they ever get too old or something else happens so I can't wear them anymore there'll definitely be a second, third or even fourth pair of those in my life. 

I had also ordered a pair of earrings from Sammydress that I didn't get to wear that much yet, but that I'm still very satisfied with. They are just beautiful! 

Check out their website if you're looking for a specific item of clothing or accessory or just wanna make a great deal because, like me, you might find it on there ~

What are the favourite sneakers that you've got so far?
Let me know in the comments :)

xx ♡ Micky 

P.S. hope you've enjoyed this post and I hope to see you soon!


Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Little update

As the 14th of February was approaching I felt more and more like jumping from our balcony on the 29th floor. I just didn't feel like turning 20 yet, just wanted one more year of being a "teenager".
There's just something so scary about growing older and fully becoming an "adult" to me..
And then there was the dreadful thought of probably having to spend my birthday alone because my friends left to a farm and my housemates all seemed busy. 

It turned out those worries were completely unnecessary and more importantly, it turned out that I still have some pretty awesome friends here in Melbourne.

Thanks to these guys I actually had so much fun on my birthday!
(please ignore me looking like crap lol)

And now? 
Now I'm back home, in freezing Europe, and all that stays are the memories and the hope to eventually meet some of the people I've met during my travels down under again someday.
We've had a great time and there's absolutely nothing I regret about this little adventure.

But there's no time to look back all too much as there's so much that needs to be done & prepared for the future. In fact, I'm on the airport waiting for my flight to Ireland right now. The past couple of days seemed extremely busy, I welcome it because I detest boredom with a passion but at the extend that it is at the moment, it's almost annoying. But I guess I'm just gonna go with the flow and see where it takes me, it's gonna be exciting for sure!

xx ♡ Micky 

P.S. I really wanna apologise for the long breaks between my posts lately, I'll try to post more regularly from now on again. 

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