Friday, 24 June 2016

Britain : Let's talk about the Exit

I know, I know! – this is mainly a fashion-blog so I shouldn't abuse it to discuss economics and geopolitics, but in light of the recent events and my personal stance on them, simply ignoring them just didn't feel like the right thing to let's talk about it!

As most of you might have heard by now the UK voted to LEAVE in the Brexit this Thursday. Now obviously for all non-UK residents the results of this referendum aren't of such crucial importance but as a person who spent 2 years living and studying in the UK, I personally did follow the entire campaign and, just like the Britains, felt especially tense before the results were published this morning. Even if the extent may not be all that severe, there's no doubt that the impact of this will be global – while the peace and order the EU era has achieved in Europe have been broadly good on an international spectrum, it's only a logical conclusion that any turmoil here is a cause for global worry.

Now let's take a look at the voting stats:

Why I don't think letting elderly people decide about the future of a country is a good idea:

As the voting stats show the older the person, the more likely they were to vote for Leave. I think one reason for that is because older people in general, tend to be more conservative and patriotic so they are all for independence of their country. However, this can be a massive drawback for their children who will actually have to deal with the consequences of their decision in the future. As you can see, 64% of young britains voted to remain a member of the EU. Maybe not only because they can see the economic and political benefits but also because their careers might severely depend on this. 
I might sound incredibly ignorant here, but I feel like anyone over 65 years of age shouldn't be given a say in decisions of such an impact on the future of a country, a future that they themselves won't have to deal with anymore but a future whose burdens their children will have to carry. 

But what exactly are the consequences of this result?

Consequences for the UK:

  • For the UK, the first backlash will have been the significant drop in the pound and their stock market. In fact that is an understatement; the pound is at a century low and still plummeting. 
  • Another piece of news was that David Cammeron decided to resign from his job by October '16. By doing so, he might give way for the right-winged Boris Johnson. 
  • For their import-export-businesses with EU countries, the UK might have to start paying tax, in that case, there will be a significant loss in revenue.
  • Many businesses relying on the EU will have to shut down meaning that people working for those companies will lose their jobs. 
  • London will lose it's importance as a financial centre.  
  • How about tourism? The EU membership made it possible for EU citizens to visit and reside in the UK without having to bring a passport each time they travelled - a simple ID card was enough. That might no longer be possible so there may be a not insignificant drop in the profit made from tourism.

If you google it now, it already dropped down to $1.37

Consequences for the EU:

  • With the UK, the EU obviously lost one of it's most important members and contributors so there's going to be an estimated drop of 3% in the EU economy.  
  • As London is no longer an option, the EU will have to find a new centre point for their financial trades. 
  • Travelling to the UK will become more complicated for EU residence and most likely require more paperwork in the future. 
  • After the UK left, there may be more overall scepticism of the European Union among the other member countries and more might leave in the future. 

By looking at the short term consequences, the part that lost most due to the Brexit is certainly Britain. If they, however, will eventually recover from the great drop in their economy and the geopolitical turmoil the referendum caused is a question of time but I sincerely hope that they will and if it doesn't happen to work out for their favour in the long run either, I hope that this decision will at least have been a lesson and determining for their future decisions.  

I hope I could break the significance of this event down for you a little in this post.
I'm curious to hear your input on the matter as well! 

What do you think about the Brexit come true?

xx Micky 


Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Wardrobe Essentials For Your Travels

Way too often, you can immediately distinguish tourists from natives solely by how they are dressed - and usually the natives win the fashion game by lightyears. In the name of traveling, I've created a collage of my personal wardrobe essentials that make dressing stylishly way easier when traveling.
I always makes sure these things are in my luggage case before I leave home: 

  • Sunglasses: Obviously this is most important when traveling in summer. I have this one pair of sunglasses that suits me like it was made for me - a nightmare if I'd ever happen to forget it. 
  • Bumper: When traveling the phone tends to be out far more often because we take photos of this, photos of that and of course post those photos and our experiences in the foreign country on social media. The downside, however, the more often our phone is out in our hands the more likely we are to drop it and break the precious screen. Hence, bumpers are a good idea.
  • Your favourite sweater: I NEVER travel without my favourite sweater & it NEVER not comes to use. Perfect when the urge comes up to roam the streets of Rome or Seoul on those summer nights that suddenly get cool after sunset. 
  • Ballet flats: You never know what opportunities come up - or who you meet. When needing to look fancy, ballet flats are the comfortable alternative to high heels. They are also lighter and take up much less space in your suitcase!
  • High-waisted denim shorts: These are sooo convenient for traveling around – comfy and stylish. I found my favourite pair in a thrift shop so from my experience that's a pretty good place to find high quality and authentic vintage jeans shorts for a good bargain!
  • Backpack: Nothing over a good backpack when you're on a city tour through Sydney or exploring the Canadian wilderness. You can fit all the useful things, such as sunscreen, water bottles & food inside & carry it comfortably.
  • Watch: Watches are always a good idea, not only when abroad, and once you're used to wearing them you won't leave to foreign destinations without one.
  • Cardholder: I find this very useful, especially when I'm in places that don't use the currency they do in my home country, I prefer to pay with card. It's also good if you wanna save space in your bag or are afraid of your bag being stolen by street thieves because you can easily carry it on your body. 
  • Windbreaker: You can hardly ever tell for certain how the weather will be so windbreakers or just waterproof jackets in general are always a good idea to bring! 
  • Umbrella: ... Just like umbrellas! I personally like to always have a small foldable umbrella in my suitcase, just in case. 
  • Sneakers: A pair of comfy sneakers is pretty mandatory if you wanna avoid blisters and looking like an obvious tourist!
  • Your favourite tee: On my most recent travels, my beloved turtleneck tee has never left my side and judging by how much it came to use it was the right decision. I also love having a simple oversized white t-shirt with me when I'm away from home.
  • The little black dress: Just like with the ballet flats, you should prepare to look formal/preppy (just in case) so the classic little black dress is your best friend! 
  • The small satchel bag: This my personal MUST-BRING-bag when traveling. It doesn't fit as many things as a backpack but is, because of it's size, very convenient to carry all day. When getting one, always make sure the strap is long enough so you can wear it cross body! 
What are your personal wardrobe essentials for traveling? 

xx ♡ Micky 

P.S.: all items featured in this collage more or less just serve an example purpose.


Thursday, 16 June 2016

Review : Skin Food Egg White Mask

Looking for a replacement for my beloved mask by Neutrogena I recently ordered this pore mask from Skin Food. Mainly because the fact that it's relying on egg white and its albumin as an active agent really intrigued me. Because I had previously made positive experiences with Skin Food, my expectations were high and I was very happy when the package from Korea finally arrived with me. 

The mask is on a clay base and applies very easy and smoothly onto the skin. 
Once a thin layer is applied you leave it on to dry for 10-15 minutes and then wash it off with luke warm water. Like all clay masks, it's pretty easy to remove. 

The mask smells wonderfully and didn't feel uncomfortable or irritating on my skin at all, which was a great relief because my skin is very sensitive in this regard and I often end up having allergic reactions to new products so I was extremely glad this wasn't the case with this mask!

Results: ♥♥♥♥♥
After washing off the mask, my skin was visibly clearer and felt incredibly soft. 
Even my pores were much cleaner and even seemed smaller, so this mask definitely keeps what it promises! 

I'm glad I can wholeheartedly recommend this mask to everyone who's looking to try a new deep cleansing and relaxing mask! 

Have you tried Skin Food's products before? If so, what are your favourites? 

xx ♡ Micky 


Monday, 13 June 2016

Coordinate : Pink Pink Pink!

Choker : Lamoda | Top : New Look | Pants : Zara | Block Heels : Topshop |
Bag : Longchamp

This post to my latest coordinate took a while. I'm very sorry for that and I can't even put the excuse of being busy this time, I've just been totally lazy and lacked the motivation to write this post. Not sure what's going on but I'd suspect I'm just ready for a summer vacation on some tropical island – aren't we all? 
Anyways, the pieces I like most about this look are these block heels from Toyshop, they are made from real leather and a very high quality – I also like that the heels are pretty thick and not too high so they are comfortable to wear as well, and the silver ring-of-o-choker I got from Lamoda because it really adds spice to this otherwise quite plain look.

And have I ever told you that I absolutely love Longchamp totes? They are so light yet strong for carrying heavy stuff hence very convenient especially when you're doing the groceries or paying a visit to the drugstore – once they get dirty you can just easily throw them into the washing machine to clean them and when going on a trip you can fold them up so they take up minimal space in your luggage case. As I've said, love those bags <3

What is your favourite brand for tote bags? 

xx ♡ Micky 

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