Tuesday, 11 March 2014

little update.

Looong time no blog post & I'm very sorry for that!
I have been so busy with school and trips on the weekend 
that i simply forgot about this blog for a while.
Haha I have also celebrated my birthday in that time, 
the prêt-a-porter chanel fasion show took place and (of course) the Oscars! 
In legendary memory, Ellen's selfie, which made it to the most popular photo on twitter and tumblr! ~☆

I don't know why but it makes me smile everytime i look at it. 
To the world's suprise the oscar didn't go to Di Cabrio ~ sorry Leo, next time, i'm sure!

There have also been some changes in my life! (^0^)
For example i've got a tattoo on my ankle last weekend and i have no regrets.
It didn't hurt too much but the feeling that describes it probably best is: like a someone is cutting you with a knife. It sounds really bad but you actually get used to it quite quickly and i have already have my next tattoo in planning which is gonna be on the side of my body, the rip area. 
I am already looking forward it, but hope i am not gonna become addicted to it haha..
If you think about getting a tattoo, you should think about the place where you want to get it and the meaning it has to you though. it shouldn't be something stupid you want to remove in two years anyway or for example on a very visible place like the hands where everybody can see it so they could get a negative impression of you.
I chose the birds, which i have designed myself by drawing them first so it is pretty unique and then gave the template to the tattoo artist who put it on my skin.
I am super happy with the result and it means a lot to me. for example and that's the most important thing ~the birds symbolize freedom.
If you are not good at drawing there are plenty of books at most studios where you can have a free choice of patterns. 
I was also very suprised about the price, which was only 45£!
it is quite cheap i think, especially compared to luxembourg where i, i think, couldn't have got the same tattoo for under 80£
Here are some photos of my visit at the tattoo studio, the result, and my birthday ! 

my self-drawn template:

finally getting it ~ my very first tattoo
my birthday & party  

had an amazing birthday thanks to amazing friends ~(´・ω・`)

this was the nice 'no-make-up-day' after the party with a very nice hangover breakfast and two lovely friends from morroko..

here something crazy... 

it's also been my lovely friend niema's birthday who was born 2 days after me on the 16th of feb. yay! 

thanks for reading loves, stay rad!
xoxo  Micky

ps. remember: Gnaw (*´ω`*)ノシ

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