Tuesday, 26 January 2016

"My Melbourne"

Opening my eyes to another day in Melbourne, my now official favourite place in the world, this morning I grunt, turn in bed and decide to sleep a little longer.
Rain. It's raining. And that happens to be a rare event here in Melbourne!

After finally having gathered enough power to get myself out of bed I immediately start packing.
I'm moving today! Another place, not far from where I've been living for the past few days, I'm gonna be living with a couple of friends I've made over the past weeks in Australia – it's funny how quick you can meet new people in a destination so far away from your original "home", but coming to speak of "home", I feel like Melbourne has grown more and more into such for me since I'm here.
It's no longer just "Melbourne", "Melbourne, the capital of the state Victoria" or "Melbourne, one of Australia's most favourite tourist destinations", no! – it's MY Melbourne now.

I find it really hard to describe my affinity for this place in words but never have I felt so content, settled and "home" before and I think for somebody as well-traveled as me, admitting this says quite a lot about this city!

I glance through my old apartment one last time before I take a deep breath and close the door behind me. This is it, new home I'm coming! And although I have already extended my stay, looking at the date on my phone or in my calendar kind of hurts me because it's a painful reminder that my time here is only temporary and will eventually come to an end. I don't want it to end. Not yet, and probably not on the day I will have to leave either.

And even on rainy days like this one, Melbourne still hasn't lost one bit of it's charme for me.

xx ♡ Micky

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