Sunday, 29 May 2016

What's in my Mini Bag?

mini bag : DKNY | Phone case : Marc by Marc Jacobs | mini wallet : Fossil 
Mini bags, just like clutch bags, are very limited in space so it's especially important to focus on essential things when packing one of those. How often did you go out with a mini bag and get annoyed by the fact that it was so small? 
To avoid this frustration, I'm usually following a simple pattern when deciding what to put into my mini bag. It's important to put the things you wanna bring into an order according to their priority to you. So ask yourself some simple questions like: "Will I actually need this item while I'm out?", "How important is it that I bring this?". 
For me No.1 on the list is clearly my phone. So I put it into the bag first to already know how much space it takes up. I was packing my bag for a party so obviously lipstick was another essential. Money is always important, too, of course, so that was what I put into my bag next in the form of this handy little wallet by Fossil. I love useful things so of course I'm loving this wallet, it's so tiny but there's still enough space for money notes, cards and even a small space for coins. Usually, though, a simple cardholder will do for me when I know I'm not gonna spend that much money. Another thing in my bag that I absolutely love whenever I'm out for a party or an event is this small atomiser I got from Daiso, currently filled with Winter Bombshell by VS – one of my favourite perfumes, so in case you're looking for a new fragrance, I really recommend that one. The other items in my bag are pretty basic: chewing gum, my beloved EOS lip balm without which I basically never leave the house, hand sanitiser and that card under my phone is my driver's license (no idea why I hadn't put it in the wallet to be honest). 
But overall I have really come to love using mini bags and I bet so will you, if you haven't yet. :) 

What's something you absolutely can't leave the house without? 
(^ apart from your phone of course) 

xx ♡ Micky 


Sunday, 15 May 2016

Coordinate : Breathing Navy

Shirt/Dress : H&M | Jeans : Zara | Sneakers : Stan Smith Adidas | Backpack : Lamoda

This recent look is pretty simple & absolutely street-friendly, in fact, I actually wear this coordinate out a lot. It's casual, yet stylish & I just love how the white details on the H&M pyjama style shirt/dress go with the white jeans and shoes. I just love the silky, comfortable material and the relaxed PJ style of this H&M top - it's actually one of my favourites now! :)
I'm very much into casual looks and sneakers recently, maybe I'm just tired of the "beauty knows no pain" kind of fashion trends. Plus I'm really busy with preparations for University & summer in general at the moment so there's not really too much time to invest into styling flamboyant outfits. And lastly, I'm also quite content with the way things are at the moment and I think that's the main thing.

What do you think of the PJ-look 2016? 

xx ♡ Micky 


Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Review :

This post is gonna be a review of a newly established fashion website called Dezzal.
On their website, you can find unique clothes of premium quality including those of many designer brands. When I first opened their website I was immediately captured by the simple design, probably mainly because I really like simplicity. It's very clean and easy to find exactly what you're looking for.
I absolutely love the great variety of different styles they are offering and to make things even better, if you register now, you can get a 10% coupon! 

Here are some of my personal favourites I could find on their website and might actually order from them soon :) 

Buttoned High Low Hem Blouse

Bra Patched Geometry Shirt

3D Butterfly Embroidered Sleeveless Dress

Cut Out Printed Kimono Jacket

Pure Color Asymmetric Slit Blouse

Wide Leg Pure Color Pants

Pocket Design Self Tie Belt Blouse

Pineapple Print Long Sleeve Blouse

Pure Color Detachable Suspender Dress

I have the feeling this is a great online shop for me and my personal taste, the only thing that bugged me a little was that they don't offer any accessories such as bags and jewellery yet, but why don't you judge for yourselves? 

You can check out their website here:

♡ Micky 


Monday, 9 May 2016

Jupiter's Top 5 : Chocolate brands

This post is going to be ALL about CHOCOLATE
Who doesn't love it? I know I do! 
It comes in all kinds of different flavours, sizes, shapes, but most typically as a bar.
There's just nothing better than a square or two with a nice movie in the evening, but chocolate is also a soother for the soul - nothing cheers me up more than a friend bringing me over one of my favourite chocolates when I'm upset :) 
Chocolate makes a great & simple present & to go even further, not meaning to sound crazy though although I might, Chocolate is a real friend for me.

It has taken me ages of trying dozens over dozens of different chocolates to make this list (and yes I'm totally trying to make this sound much less joyful than it really was - almost like I put a real effort into it) and here it is, my personal top 5 favourite Chocolate brands: 

#5 Meiji (Japan)

I just feel like there should be a japanese brand on this list because I think that japanese chocolate is really underrated! Of course it's different from the good old european chocolate but it's still always worth a try! I go with Meiji here :)

#4 Hershey's (USA)

The classic Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme is just one of those chocolate bars I think everybody should have had at least once in their life. Simply because it's such a classic, so you can participate when it comes up in a conversation but of course also because it's incredibly delicious! 

#3 Kinder (Germany)

Maybe I just love this admittedly very special chocolate so much because it is a reminder of my childhood, but then every time I have Kinder chocolate I can't get over how delicious it is, either, so it can't just be that! Hint: This chocolate tastes best when you just let it melt in your mouth. 

#2 Côte d'Or (Belgium)

This chocolate is very intense in it's taste, so perfect if you feel like a very chocolatey kind of chocolate! I love, love, love it, and thanks to the intense taste I never overeat on this chocolate which is great because a good chocolate is something that, just like a good wine, should be enjoyed in moderation. 

#1 Lindt (Switzerland)

If you have expected my favourite chocolate to be some super secret limited edition designer brand you must be so disappointed now! But really, Lindt chocolate is just really amazing in both taste and variation. The range of exotic flavours is just amazing with Lindt so this company never gets boring. My favourite here are the Excellence Dark Blueberry- & Orange Intense chocolate bars - the perfect bars if you like it fruity and intense!

*** As this is coming from a devoted Chocaholic, be assured that the quality of this information is absolutely and unarguably top-notch.***

What is your favourite Chocolate brand? 

xx ♡ Micky 


Monday, 2 May 2016

Coordinate : Baby I Got Me

Top : H&M Men | Culottes : Zara | Bag : DKNY | Sneakers : Nike Air
With this coordinate I decided to play a little more with the boyish look I recently acquired, taking a business style men's shirt (found at H&M) and wearing it in an off-shoulder style combined with my favourite culottes & casual sneakers. This is essentially a very casual look that I only managed to make appear more chic with adding my fancy DKNY bag to it. I love how you can sometimes change the whole attitude of a look simply by adding the right accessories, especially bags and watches. I can say I'm quite satisfied with the result.

I wanna talk more about my new favourite bag in a review I'm gonna post soon :3

Totally apart from fashion, I have recently developed yet another crazy addiction - TEA! 
I mean, I'm not exactly sure if there even is such a thing as a tea-addiction but if there is, I am definitely a victim. Orange flavoured ginger green tea is my current favourite.. man, I wanna bathe in orange flavoured ginger green tea, it's just so delicious and soothing! <3

What is your favourite tea?

xx ♡ Micky 

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