Monday, 4 May 2015

little update

Hey everyone!
As probably expected I've changed my looks again.

Hair is now darker with a short fringe and I'm trying to use less make-up and rely on a natural look, which in my case unfortunately seems to rather make me look sick. 
If you however wanna see my weird face in a higher resolution you can click the pictures for full size.
And since there is always a reason for me changing my hair you might ask yourself what the reason might be this time, it's actually not such a positive one, to make it short: I'm single again. And it seems like this time the break up was actually quite finite. 
Any other than that there are also news regarding my academic progress, in other words, I've just started my finals today!
I'm kind of nervous but not too concerned or anxious since I actually feel quite well prepared for most of my exams. 
Eating wise I unfortunately am making a 'negative progress' if you can say it like that because I'm actually noticing myself slowly relapsing back into anorexia/bulimia. I still don't purge as much as I used to (every meal) but I exercise a crazy lot - a lot more than at my lowest weight so far which is a bit scary. I'm already noticing myself getting thinner as well actually although I still try not to weigh myself every day. 

I really don't want to become this obsessed again. Especially now since there is not gonna be anyone on my side to help me through it. The last time I recovered it was actually just for the sake of my boyfriend, because I saw how it wasn't only destroying me but also him. 
However, I'm still trying to fight it and I'm optimistic that I'm once the feeling of this broken heart and all the exam stress is over I will get better again! :) 

That's pretty much it now and I'm awfully sorry since this turned out to be much of a longer post than I intended it to be. I'm gonna let you know how the exams went and how I'm personally doing asap!! 

xx ♡ Micky 

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