Friday, 20 June 2014

dying eyebrows with Directions hair colour + skin care

soo this is a really weird post about dying eyebrows 
''but why would you dye your eyebrows?''
- well, because i can? lol
and maybe also to be a bit more like my idol & inspiration, 
charlie barker ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

For dying my eyebrows i have used 
directions' natural hair dye and applied it with a small brush〜

directions hair colors work best on wet hair 
which is why i've applied it straight after taking a shower

After having applied the hair color you have to wait for about 15 min.
and then carefully rinse it out with warm water. 

In addition to that I've used facial whipes to remove color that was left
on my skin between the hair.

When I was done dying my eyebrows I did the usual face treatment removing some fine hair above my eyebrows with wax & using my weekly facial masks.
My favourite face masks are these:

''Osmej Collagen Eye Pads & My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yoghurt Face Mask''

After putting on the collagen pet underneath your eyes
you simply wait until it fully dissolved and then massage leftovers gently into your skin
I use these masks at least once a week and I love love love how soft they make my skin feel and even brighten it so it looks good even without make up! 
here you can also see the results of the hair color 
It's so soft and pastel, I love it la〜

That's it for today, 
hope you've enjoyed and weren't too scared by my no make-up face haha
Find the best skin care products at !

xx  Micky


Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Vassen Jewel Brown 〜 Circle Lens Review ☆

Helly everyone,
This is my review about Vassen Jewel Brown Circle Lenses ~ 

With Flash

Here are the Lens Details:

Brand: Vassen
Diameter: 14,5mm
Water Content: 42%
Base Curve: 8,6mm
Replacement: 1 year

Here's what they look like when I put them on: 

indoors without flash

These lenses make my eyes look really big which is enhanced by the darker outer circle.
The golden brown effect looks very pretty too, especially on photos when they are taken with flash. 

The lenses are very comfortable but the eyes get quite itchy after wearing them a while so you will be forced to take them off - as well because they dry out quickly. Actually it is a bit disappointing though since Vassen was always known for me for it's comfortable high quality contact lenses. 

I initially wanted to try these lenses because I wanted to change my eye colour to brown but with a slightly more natural outcome than with the GEO starmish brown & basically I've achieved it with these lenses BUT the hole in the middle is way too big so quite a lot of my natural eye colour is shown which makes it look unfortunately a bit fake looking 
(see second photo). Therefore, I wouldn't really recommend to buy these. 
I think they are fine if you choose them in your natural eye colour tho.
However, combined with the spacy/trashy make up i've used here, they come out quite nicely - especially if you don't come too close so you won't see the difference in colour.
I've got these lenses from

Hope this review was helpful. 

xx  Micky

yup, I got a hair cut..

Do you wear Circle Lenses? 


Sunday, 15 June 2014


美拍 (Meipai) is a new video editing app, 
or actually rather a 'social network' such as instagram but only for videos.
you might have heard of it already or seen videos 
that were created in meipai on your instagram or Facebook. 
so basically this network makes it really simple to edit your videos, 
trim them, apply filters and add music 
so they look really professional and cool when you're done!
I love this app and use it a lot which is also the main reason I want to recommend it. 
You can even fit the outlook of the video to your mood 
or the theme of the content so it can represent emotions
like happy, funny, angry, sad or send the viewer 
straight into a magic world like a fairy tale! (*^_^*)

since meipai is a chinese app the main option to register an account 
is via connecting it to your weibo but it also offers Facebook 
in case you don't have a weibo account (like me = =).
The videos you share in meipai are automatically saved to your phone 
from which you can post them to any other social platform you like, 
such as tumblr or instagram. 
The use of this app is really easy and fast and it allows you 
to straight away share created videos to chinese networks : 
WeChat, Qzone & Sina Weibo and of course Facebook 
The app itself works in a very similar way to instagram actually;
you can like & comment on posts of others, explore, follow & be followed 
and have a home timeline with posts of the people you follow. 
The only negative point I could find about it so far is that 
it limitates the lenght of the video to 10 seconds and the 'tips' for advice are in chinese haha 
but it really didn't bother me since the use of the app
 is really so simple so you won't need help for it. 

If you're interested, check it out here or download it straight from the app store 

These are some of my videos from Meipai: 

(quite stupid to be honest :p)
feel free to add me if you have meipai ~(´・ω・`)

By The Way! - the Meipai equivalent for photos is called 
MeituPic and also offers many beautiful filters and is available in the app store as well. 

xx  Micky

Do you like posting videos on social networks? 


Sunday, 8 June 2014

Best K-Drama?

soo I've started korean drama quite a while ago ~
 (mainly because my best friend is obsessed and kinda forced me to watch it with him) 
but after a few episodes of "The Heirs" 
I really started liking these funny and at the same time soo dramatic TV series.
It can make you cry and laugh and for me, 
that's main points that make a good drama. 
it should reach your heart and even be able to change your feelings for a moment.
After the heirs, and after I came back to the UK, 
I started watching k-drama more regularly 
and by now I have finished quite an amount of k-drama series 
of which you might probably know some!
Well, enough of the talking now, 
here's my personal Top 5! 

#5: My Love From The Star (별에서 온 그대)

This drama is basically about an alien 
who came to earth about 400 years about in the form of a human with adhenced physical abilities such as very sensitive hearing and super speed and he doesn't age. 
The series starts with him saving a young girl from falling of a cliff right after he landed on earth during the Joseon Dynasty. He seems to view humans quite cynically but he falls in love with the actress Cheon Song-Yi who reminds him of the girl he saved 400 years ago.

Personal Impression:
I like this drama especially because of it's unique humour and the dramatic parts where you just wanna cry. The actors are very skilled which gives the story a better flow than many other k-dramas. This drama is a MUST-WATCH for everyone who likes these kind of fictional love stories!

Number of Episodes: 21

Main Cast
Gianna Jun as Cheon Song-Yi
Kim Soon-Yi as Do Min Joon
Park Hae-Jin as Lee Whi-Kyung
Yoo In-Na as Yoo Se-Mi

#4: The Heirs (상속자들)

This drama is a bit like a korean version of Gossip Girl or maybe 90210, describing and following the lives of the korean upper class students. All of them are rich heirs, besides a girl called Cha Ein Sang who comes from a rather poor background. When being sent to the same school as all the rich kids, she first successfully hides her background but when students find out about it, trouble soon starts and in addition to that there are also two boys fighting for her. 

Personal Impression:
I really enjoyed this drama, even though i sometimes didn't quite understand the reactions of the characters in the story. It is a really good story overall with a lot of ups and downs which keep it interesting for the watchers. 

Number of Episodes: 20

Main Cast: 
Lee Min-Ho as Kim Tan
Park Shin-Hye as Cha Eun Sang
Kim Woo-Bin as Choi Young-Do

#3: Mimi ( 미미)

This drama is about a webtoon author who finds a memo on an old calender about events from 2003 but when trying to remember these events he starts experiencing symptoms like nausea and headaches. With the help of the memo he starts his new webtoon which becomes an instant hit online but because of the increasing pressure of work the symptoms only get worse. When he looks at the comments on his webtoon one day he discovers one that says: 'The author is telling his own story.' and led by this sentence he starts researching his past in order to find out what happened, if it is really his own story and who is the mysterious girl he used to draw when he was younger.

Personal Impression:
This is a very short drama with only 4 Episodes but although it is very catchy and the story is totally different from any other korean drama I have watched so far.
The way the story is told and the events are uncovered wasn't too touching to me to be honest 
but still, this incredible love story got me and also kind of made me wonder for a while.

Number of Episodes: 4

Main Cast: 
Shim Chang-Min as Hand Min-Woo
Mun Ka-Young as Mimi
Shin Hyung-Bin as Jang Eun-Hye

Here's a trailer:

#2: City Hunter (시티헌터)

This story is about Lee Young-Sung, a young man who initially comes to Seoul to seek revenge for the death of his father and 20 other men in a secret military operation back in 1983 which was caused by 5 politicians that are the top leaders of South Korea in the present of the story (2011). With this plan he is supported/led by his surrogate Father Lee Jin-Pyo who seems to have prepared him for this revenge since his childhood.
The story comes to a dramtic reversal when Young-Sung finds out that Lee Jin-Pyo lied to him about some crucial information about his past and his family relations.

Personal Impression:
This was a very emotional drama for me! 
I really liked about this drama that there is a lot of action and crime in it and therefore the love story become more of a minor point and this is pretty unique. 
Maybe not the right drama for the person who is super super romantic because you might be disappointed with this one but if you like to be thrilled during the story (like me) this is so awesome! It is also interesting to know that this drama is based on a japanese Manga-series.

Number of Episodes: 20

Main Cast: 
Lee Min-Ho as Lee Young-Sung
Park Min-Young as Kim Na Na
Lee Joon Hyuk as Kim Young Joo
Kim Sang Joon as Lee Jin-Pyo

Here's a trailer:

and now: 

my personal favourite..

#1: I Hear Your Voice (너의 목소리가 들려)

Park Soo-Ha is 9 years old when he and his father get hit by a truck while riding the car.
After this event, Soo-Ha can suddenly hear the inner voices (thoughts) of other people and when the man gets out of the truck, he hears his violent thoughts of wanting to kill his father. 
The man takes out a baseball bat and beats his father to death with young Soo-Ha watching everything and when the man turns to the boy to kill him as well, the only thing that prevents him is the noice of a photo being taken. Immediately the murder turns around to follow whoever took the photo. This saves Soo-Ha's life.
The person who took the photo later turns out to be a girl names Hye-Sung who uses the photo as evidence to testify against Min Joon-Kook. When in court, she shows her phone to the judge which makes Min Joon-Kook freak out and he jumps up from his seat and attacks the young Hye-Sung.
When the judge sentences him to 10 years in prison he threatens to take revenge and kill her for traiting him as soon as he get will get out of prison. 
Impressed by her braveness and character, Soo-Ha falls in love with Hye Sung and promises to protect her from Min Joon-Kook in the future and so the story progresses when they meet 10 years later.

Personal Impression:
This drama is SO dramatic omg I've cried and cried and cried. 
It is progressingly touching the further the story gets and more and more about the Characters is revealed and action takes place. 
This drama is full of crime and action and for me it was so thrilling! 
There are even some quite scary parts in this drama but it is also very funny sometimes. 
I Hear Your Voice has everything a good drama needs in my eyes; Humour, Thriller & Tragedy and by watching it one will feel though many different kinds of emotions 
and therefore it is my absolute favourite!
I definitely recommend to watch this one to everyone.

Number of Episodes: 18

Main Cast: 
Lee Bo-Young as Jang Hye-Sung
Lee Jong-Suk as Park Soo-Ha
Yoon Sang-Hyun as Cha Kwan-Woo
Lee Da-Hee as Seo Do-Yeon
Jung Woong-In as Min Joon-Kook

Here's the trailer:

You can watch all the dramas that I've talked about here: 

I hope this entry was interesting :3 

xx  Micky

Do you watch K-Drama?

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