Wednesday, 28 May 2014

GEO Nudy Gray ~ Circle Lens Review ♪

Hello everyone ~ 
soo this is a review about my favourite pair of circle lenses! 
The G.E.O. Nudy Gray lenses ! o(^_-)O

This is what they look like :

OK so here are the facts !

Diameter: 14,2 mm
Water Content: 42%
Base Curve: 8,6mm
Replacement: 12 months

This is what they look like when I wear them (and I wear them nearly everyday) :

sorry for the bad quality of the photos as well ~ I saved them all from my snapchat to be honest.. ´д` ;

this one is hopefully a better quality 

now let's come to...

The lenses are super comfortable and when wearing them you hardly notice they are even there! they are very soft and don't sting or hurt when you put them in. I wear mine almost every day and I love them so much ~ the only thing you should keep in mind is that they dry out after about 6-7 hours so you should take them out and put them back in the containers to refresh. 

The enlargement is not that great since the lenses have quite a natural look and their diameter is only 14,2mm. even though they make your face (especially on lighter natural eye colours) appear really cute and dolly and they give your eyes a nice shape. 

they are my absolute favourites since you can wear them with almost every look and match them with any make up you like! 
I usually wear only light make up to make it look more natural and I really like the effect they can add to this. it's like it's natural ~ but hey, somewhat special though! 
they are also very comfortable which makes wearing them even easier and more fun. :3

Here's one more photo with more of a "going out make up" ~ 
I hope you like it and this review was quite helpful for you! 

 p.s.: I've got my lenses from candylens!  ~ check it out *・゜゚・*:.)^o^(

xoxo  Micky

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