Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year! ~♡ ♡ ♡

So.. now it's all over again...
The annual christmas madness and the new year's binge drinkings.
I hope you've all had very nice ones. 
Since for me, it can still only get better each year.
I have to admit, I've enjoyed Christmas Parties back in England, Christmas Parties & - shopping in Luxembourg and Germany very much this year. 
And now it's almost time to go back to the UK already again.. 
Time this vacation really passed so fast for me 
and it just made me realise how much i really love my friends and family.
The more I'm gonna miss them when i'm back for studying I fear...

Well, here are some photos:
We've even met Santa on the EF Christmas Party! 

back home i've really enjoyed being reunited with my friends again (♥´◡`♥)

especially my best friend Benny ! 

Besides Party I also went shopping on beautiful christmas markets quite a lot! (´・ω・`)

and here the beautiful christmas decoration on the streets, in the mall & at home! 


and what would christmas be without the tastiest traditional self-made christmas biscuits? ^.^

we even have a nutcracker, look! 
I wonder if he turns into a prince if i kiss him? *^^*

i've also received some beautiful christmas cards from my lovely friends in spain and japan!

And this was my New Year's Eve! 

(yup, i dyed my hair that day! ^^)

Well, that's how my vacation went so far & i loved it since i've had a pretty exciting one!

I hope you all had an amazing year 2013 as well,
but i also hope you'll have an even more amazing 2014 of course! 

xoxo  Micky


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