Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Love x Hate tag

After having been tagged for this thing twice by Linnie from & Lauren from (thank you very much btw!<3), I thought it was finally time to upload a post to this – I'm very sorry I kept you waiting for so long. 
But here we go!  

Let's start with the things I hate/dislike:
  • Arguments, they're just so horribly nerve-wrecking
  • Know-it-alls and arrogant people, because their attitude...
  • Salty snacks, I don't know why, I just don't like them ^^;
  • Cats, most cats I've encountered have always been kind of evil
  • Kitschy movies like Titanic.. Yup, I'm probably one of the few girls that didn't fall for DiCaprio.. 
  • Spiders because spiders.. 
  • Jealousy & envy because that's just not cool and honestly, I think it says more about you then the person you envy or hate on for some reason..
  • Homophobic, sexist & racist people. because intolerance is such a no-go!
  • Meat – I just don't like the taste & I'm a veggie, currently even vegan!
  • Deep water since I'm just terribly afraid of water as soon as it get's so deep I cannot see what's beneath me anymore.

Now to the more happy things of life, the things I love: 
  • My dog because she's the best & I promise she wouldn't bite you :)
  • Books, especially ones that can take you into an entirely different world like novels of the fantasy genre, I do like educational books sometimes, too though!
  • Horror/thriller movies simply because I like to get scared as long as I know it's not real ^^;
  • Philosophy – you can debate anything and everything with me!
  • Astrophysics, that has been my interest since I was a kid, it's so fascinating, you can't even imagine all the things out there!
  • Chocolate, yum <3
  • Japanese food! I love sushi, dorayaki, osaka ramen, curry, onigiri, teriyaki soba, …
  • Art – I love doing it myself but I love being inspired by it just as much!
  • Meeting new people, I love (most) people!
  • Traveling.. there's probably nothing I love more! Wanderlust.:)
Yes, my dog might look like a seal but you just gotta love her! :3
I hope this wasn't too boring and helped you to get a better insight into my life and me as a person. 
I don't even know if I can still nominate people to do this because I'm so late with it but I'm gonna do it anyways, I nominate: 
Angelina from
Lauren from
& Amy from

What are some things you love or hate? 

xx Micky



  1. Love the idea for this tag! Aaaah Japanese food ♥ I love art but can't do it.. Your dog is adorable!!

    edie x

    1. If you like it, feel free to do it too :)
      & she really is haha

  2. Thank youu for doing it Michelleee! I love sushiiii tooo (hearteyes) <3 <3

    and totes agree with you! I hate arguments >:(

    ♥ Lauren xx | laurlauu . beauty . fashion . life . blog

  3. Amazing sweetie
    It's so sweet
    Maybe we can follow to each other. Let me know

    New post

  4. I love japanese foods and chocolate too!! xD
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, mind following each other? Let me know ;)


  5. I hate people who love arguments. Like they just want to start them, no.
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

  6. I also love sushi and have it once a week!


    1. You're so lucky you have the best sushi places just next door - I would move to Japan just for the food to be honest! :)

  7. omg I love sushi!!:) Do you want to follow each other?:)

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