Sunday, 29 November 2015

What I ♡ about winter

Okay, so as the temperatures are gradually dropping, the first snow fell and the birds are moving southwards - the signs that winter has arrived are pretty much unmissable. 

So before I am heading to summery Australia on Tuesday, I just really wanted to write a post to appreciate the northern hemisphere's coldest season.

Now you must know, winter is probably one of my favourite seasons – just like spring, summer and fall are, too. 
Of course the low temperatures and the lack of sunlight can be frustrating and even depressing but if we’re all honest we just have to admit there are also countless positive things to it! 


When the days get chilly and people are walking the streets in warm wool jumpers and big vintage coats again, that’s when, in my opinion, you really get to know a lot about people’s tastes in fashion.
Do they dress in oversized and cozy? Vintage and preppy? Minimal and edgy? Are they just dressing for the heck of it or are they trying to make a statement? What’s their message?
It’s always been interesting for me to watch people’s fashion choices and try to identify their personal style and this is something I have found you can do especially well in the colder seasons of the year. I think it is because in winter, you can’t just pick a tank top and some denim hot pants and you’re ready to go. Many of us living in colder areas of the globe are actually putting on multiple layers of fashion as the weather get’s colder and the days shorter. And, let’s be frank, if you are actually living in a colder region it is way harder to dress trendily in winter and still make sure you stay warm underneath your clothing. 


More than the actual festivals it is probably the festive atmosphere that I adore about winter. 
I love to just go for a walk in the city around Christmas time when the air is filled with the smell of mouthwatering, freshly baked christmas biscuits and delicious apple-cinnamon tea. 
I love the atmosphere being so overwhelmed with the overall joy of everyone looking forward the Christmas days. 
If you have been reading my blog for a bit longer now, you might know that I really love hectic times and, honestly, there is probably no other time around the year that will even come close to the business on the streets right before Christmas eve. The malls are stuffed with people rushing to finish their christmas shopping in time and I love nothing more than to simply be in the middle of all that and breathe in, breathe out just to feel time slow down as I am so at peace with myself and the world while all these people around me are almost in despair looking for that perfect present for their niece or wife. 


Of course I don’t only love the smell of those self-made christmas biscuits but also, even more than that, the taste of them! There is not really much that tastes better than tasting the oven-fresh, still hot biscuits you’ve just baked for your loved ones in the overall christmassy and festive atmosphere of winter. Besides those über-delicious christmas biscuits there are also loads and loads of special foods that people traditionally enjoy during the season of winter, such as dampfnudeln, glühwein, sweet chestnuts, bread & butter pudding,... the list is endless and those are usually foods that you will commonly find at Christmas markets, not to forget the amazing meals many families like to enjoy over the christmas days. 


With this I actually mainly mean the christmas markets that you can find in bigger cities. 
Especially in Germany, these christmas markets are really something that you should visit! 
They are a fixed part of the tradition and culture and a truly amazing one not to mention! 
Of course, besides the markets, there's the advent days and the many late minutes sales in cities that make shopping, if it's for yourself or for presents, just so much more rewardable.


Okay so this one is rather obvious but still worth a mention!

Not only does snow look nice and set the right mood for Christmas and winter in general but it also offers a wide range of sports related activities you can do - such as skiing, snowboarding, sledding & of course the fun things like building a snow man, making snow angels & participating in fun snowball fights! 
Oh, snow.. the thing I'll definitely miss most when I'm in Australia. 

What do you love most about winter and what's winter like where you're from?

xx ♡ Micky

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  1. Markets, food ugh It's all amazing! btw Australia? sounds really nice! Can't wait to read about your time there!
    Jade xo

  2. Food and fashion have to be my favourite aspects! Such a great season :)

  3. This post has got me so excited for Christmas! And apple cinnamon tea is my life

    Edie xo

  4. I wish I was able to experience all this where I live, but unfortunately it never reaches snow temperature levels. I live in the first Southern tip of Texas near the Mexico border, and there's not much events that go on here. We have a parade next week, and I believe that's about it until Christmas.

    But when I travel to places such as Canada or California, I'm glad I can experience all these things :)

    1. Aww that's a bummer! Maybe you'll get to travel to a northern country for Christmas one day though - it's really worth the experience! :)

  5. You dyed your hair?! I freaking love it! I agree with everything here specially the events! Gosh... I just love everything about the holidays!


    1. Thank you! <3
      I'm in Australia now and it feels so unreal without the snow and the cold that is so typical for winter in europe!

  6. Oh very gorgeous style darling
    Well I never lived on winter before because I live on a tropical country
    But the best of winter holidays is the relax time~

  7. fashion and festivals ^^
    and many cosmetics brand will launch Christmas Winter collection XD

    Tori Chu

  8. I love winter so much! But I do get sick easily with the flu so I have a love-hate relationship ^__^

    Linxnee-Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

    1. Aww, I feel you - my immune system is really not the best either :P

  9. I love winter too too bad we dont have that season in our country :( Anyway you look gorgeous in your outfit!

    1. Aww that's really a bummer!
      As a European in Australia, it feels so unreal for me that christmas is literally around the corner now :O Like where's the snow? ^^

  10. Micky! Your article about winter is so lovely♡
    My favorite winter is the time walking with my BF in cold night :)


    1. I'm glad you enjoyed reading it Akiko! <3
      And that's really cute!

  11. i love your contain! it's amazing

  12. The post is really great! You have a wonderful blog:)


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