Thursday, 16 June 2016

Review : Skin Food Egg White Mask

Looking for a replacement for my beloved mask by Neutrogena I recently ordered this pore mask from Skin Food. Mainly because the fact that it's relying on egg white and its albumin as an active agent really intrigued me. Because I had previously made positive experiences with Skin Food, my expectations were high and I was very happy when the package from Korea finally arrived with me. 

The mask is on a clay base and applies very easy and smoothly onto the skin. 
Once a thin layer is applied you leave it on to dry for 10-15 minutes and then wash it off with luke warm water. Like all clay masks, it's pretty easy to remove. 

The mask smells wonderfully and didn't feel uncomfortable or irritating on my skin at all, which was a great relief because my skin is very sensitive in this regard and I often end up having allergic reactions to new products so I was extremely glad this wasn't the case with this mask!

Results: ♥♥♥♥♥
After washing off the mask, my skin was visibly clearer and felt incredibly soft. 
Even my pores were much cleaner and even seemed smaller, so this mask definitely keeps what it promises! 

I'm glad I can wholeheartedly recommend this mask to everyone who's looking to try a new deep cleansing and relaxing mask! 

Have you tried Skin Food's products before? If so, what are your favourites? 

xx ♡ Micky 



  1. I have never tried this before, It looks really nice :) x

    1. I can only recommend it :)

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  2. It seems such a good mask, I haven't tried mask from Skin Food, wish I can try this out someday

    1. Oh you should, it's definitely worth a try! :)

  3. The packaging looks very appealing! Would love to try this product.


  4. I've surprisingly never tried this mask, but have tried out other egg products from SkinFood and have liked it in the past. Thanks for reviewing it, I'll probably put it in my cart next time I'm bingeing on online purchases >_<

  5. It is beautiful,looks great.Maybe we could follow each other.

  6. Nice review, the packaging is so sleek and cute. I've never tried SkinFood before o^o

    x | Mish

  7. Such a lovely product!
    Thank you for this information, Micky!


  8. Never heard of them, but they're soooo cute! I'd love to try it out sometime soon.

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  9. I really love this mask when. I tried out. *W* Skinfood is one of my favorites brand if it is about masks.
    Bai, Shiki Neko

    [Beauty and Destroy]

    1. It's so awesome, this mask definitely convinced me to try out more of their masks in the future! Baviphat is also great for masks though :D

  10. I dont really expect much when I see products like these but this review really sold this one to me! I must get this mask

    Passion Blog |

    1. Oh it's definitely worth a try! I'll take all responsibility if it doesn't work well for you :)


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