Sunday, 24 July 2016

July synopsis

This month has been such a blur for me, especially the past two weeks as I've been recovering from the minor removal surgery of my last wisdom tooth which took frustratingly long since my wound got infected. I am now officially convinced that wisdom teeth, excuse my language, are nasty little bitches with absolutely no purpose other than hurting like hell once they've been removed, so if you've been a lucky fellow who didn't need to get them removed you better appreciate it! 

(Review post for this wig coming very soon))

For some reason I also just experienced a basically overwhelming lack of motivation for anything and everything, so that might be part of the reason why there wasn't a lot of activity on this blog from my site recently..

To be fair, though, this ordeal didn't only have it's negatives - having spent the least weeks in a more or less numb state (thanks to ibuprofen) greatly resembling a hamster I took the chance to finish a book I had started reading and never finished ages ago and experimenting with recipes for iced beverages a little.

Making full use of all that free time I also discovered a TV show called "Lucifer" that I immediately grew to love after having watched the first episode only, so if you're looking for shows to watch, make sure you check this one out! 

If you like Supernatural &/or the crime genre, chances are you'll love this show! 

Have you made any unpleasant experiences with your wisdom teeth or were you lucky enough to be able to keep them?  

Let me know in the comments below :)

xx ♡ Micky



  1. Have a good recovery.Wig looks so great :)

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  2. I had surgery wisdom tooth, and the four tooth were got off.
    Yes, it was really very hell!!!
    If Lucifer had been started at that time, it would been ease pain.


    1. Omg I believe you that must have been a nightmare! But at least you only had to do it once :D

  3. Beautiful photos Dear:)

  4. great post

  5. Oh very gorgeous pics darling!
    Thanks for share with us

  6. Hope you're feeling better :)
    You should do a book review :D
    Wonderful collage! I like it :D Jade xoxo

    1. Oh I think I might actually write one soon! :D

  7. I hope you are feeling more better. I have problems with my wisdom teeth too but I didnt have surgery. I think my wisdom teeth started to grow so late If I know well it is growing until 25 years old or something like that but my teeth are growing now and I am after my 26th birthday. xD
    I love your photos like every time. :)

    Bye, Shiki
    [Beauty and Destroy]

    1. Oh you are so lucky you can keep them! But yeah they grow for a pretty long time if they aren't removed :)
      & thank you!

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