Thursday, 28 November 2013

Looking Forward Christmas..

I'm sooooo looking forward this christmas vacation, 
you have no idea how exhausted i am from school 
since it lasts from august until now without a single break. 
It is still very different in comparison to school in luxemburg where we have additional holidays and the autumn vacation. 
it just makes it feel like a lot less vacation here in england, 
even though i know it is about the same amount of days we get off.
Since there are the second subject assemblies running at the moment 
and the teachers have to write our second reports school is quite busy as well. 
I just finished a 1000 word essay for TOK about 'knowing through imagination'. 
I'm also looking forward going to japan, see my friends again, 
and of course going back home! ~\(^o^)/
I have to admit I actually didn't really miss my family awfully much 
but i think it will be nice to see them all again anyway 
(and my beloved dog of course!) 

I spend much free time these days focussing on my school work but as well 
listening to music, watching movies and with my friends. 
it is actually still unbelievable for me i've already made so many friends 
in the short time i'm at EF and i love the fact that they're all international 
since it makes it way more interesting~

Here a bunch photos ;3

my new boyfriend.. i call him johnny ;)

last but not least a selfie (of course) (*^^*)♪

if you like the filter i've used on these pictures you should try out the app 'afterlight' - it gives awesome effects and looks to your photos (◕ ‿ - )

xoxo  Micky 


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