Friday, 1 November 2013

Study Week, Exeter & Halloween!☆彡

this Weekend i didn't spend much time at home 
- since i had to study for the assessments last weekend
there was a lot of partying to catch up with lol .  -

Well, after the assessments my teachers, so far, consider me to be a good student which i am very glad about and i will try my best to prove them right in the future. 
I've had a good report o(^-^)o !!

And of course there was Halloween as well, which i've celebrated with (not so) creepy vampire make up, the best music and a few cocktails! (*^^*)

look at this creepy-cute little friend, Mr. Pumpkin, whom i've carved with my house mates! ー( ̄0 ̄)

The day before yesterday we went to exeter to go shopping and to bring the macbook of my friend to the appstore because it didn't work appropriately..
Photos of Exeter, which is wonderful for a shopping trip - they even have an urban outfitters shop & this lovely, little china town! (*^^*)

urban outfitters *-*

w/ lovely niama (o゚ω゚o)

hope you've all enjoyed your nice, long weekend as well! 

xoxo ♡ Micky


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