Sunday, 29 May 2016

What's in my Mini Bag?

mini bag : DKNY | Phone case : Marc by Marc Jacobs | mini wallet : Fossil 
Mini bags, just like clutch bags, are very limited in space so it's especially important to focus on essential things when packing one of those. How often did you go out with a mini bag and get annoyed by the fact that it was so small? 
To avoid this frustration, I'm usually following a simple pattern when deciding what to put into my mini bag. It's important to put the things you wanna bring into an order according to their priority to you. So ask yourself some simple questions like: "Will I actually need this item while I'm out?", "How important is it that I bring this?". 
For me No.1 on the list is clearly my phone. So I put it into the bag first to already know how much space it takes up. I was packing my bag for a party so obviously lipstick was another essential. Money is always important, too, of course, so that was what I put into my bag next in the form of this handy little wallet by Fossil. I love useful things so of course I'm loving this wallet, it's so tiny but there's still enough space for money notes, cards and even a small space for coins. Usually, though, a simple cardholder will do for me when I know I'm not gonna spend that much money. Another thing in my bag that I absolutely love whenever I'm out for a party or an event is this small atomiser I got from Daiso, currently filled with Winter Bombshell by VS – one of my favourite perfumes, so in case you're looking for a new fragrance, I really recommend that one. The other items in my bag are pretty basic: chewing gum, my beloved EOS lip balm without which I basically never leave the house, hand sanitiser and that card under my phone is my driver's license (no idea why I hadn't put it in the wallet to be honest). 
But overall I have really come to love using mini bags and I bet so will you, if you haven't yet. :) 

What's something you absolutely can't leave the house without? 
(^ apart from your phone of course) 

xx ♡ Micky 



  1. Lovely post!<3
    I can't leave my house without at least a pack of tissue in my bag! It's very essential for me xD


    1. Omg yes, tissues, they are so essential but for some reason I never remember to bring them >.<'

  2. that phone case though!


  3. More of a huge bag girl here, love your phone case tho. xx

    Just Because l

    1. Haha, I actually really like big bags, too!
      Especially totes <3

  4. You have such a nice stuff in your bag, love that phone case :) x


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