Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Vassen Jewel Brown 〜 Circle Lens Review ☆

Helly everyone,
This is my review about Vassen Jewel Brown Circle Lenses ~ 

With Flash

Here are the Lens Details:

Brand: Vassen
Diameter: 14,5mm
Water Content: 42%
Base Curve: 8,6mm
Replacement: 1 year

Here's what they look like when I put them on: 

indoors without flash

These lenses make my eyes look really big which is enhanced by the darker outer circle.
The golden brown effect looks very pretty too, especially on photos when they are taken with flash. 

The lenses are very comfortable but the eyes get quite itchy after wearing them a while so you will be forced to take them off - as well because they dry out quickly. Actually it is a bit disappointing though since Vassen was always known for me for it's comfortable high quality contact lenses. 

I initially wanted to try these lenses because I wanted to change my eye colour to brown but with a slightly more natural outcome than with the GEO starmish brown & basically I've achieved it with these lenses BUT the hole in the middle is way too big so quite a lot of my natural eye colour is shown which makes it look unfortunately a bit fake looking 
(see second photo). Therefore, I wouldn't really recommend to buy these. 
I think they are fine if you choose them in your natural eye colour tho.
However, combined with the spacy/trashy make up i've used here, they come out quite nicely - especially if you don't come too close so you won't see the difference in colour.
I've got these lenses from candylens.com

Hope this review was helpful. 

xx  Micky

yup, I got a hair cut..

Do you wear Circle Lenses? 


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