Friday, 20 June 2014

dying eyebrows with Directions hair colour + skin care

soo this is a really weird post about dying eyebrows 
''but why would you dye your eyebrows?''
- well, because i can? lol
and maybe also to be a bit more like my idol & inspiration, 
charlie barker ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

For dying my eyebrows i have used 
directions' natural hair dye and applied it with a small brush〜

directions hair colors work best on wet hair 
which is why i've applied it straight after taking a shower

After having applied the hair color you have to wait for about 15 min.
and then carefully rinse it out with warm water. 

In addition to that I've used facial whipes to remove color that was left
on my skin between the hair.

When I was done dying my eyebrows I did the usual face treatment removing some fine hair above my eyebrows with wax & using my weekly facial masks.
My favourite face masks are these:

''Osmej Collagen Eye Pads & My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yoghurt Face Mask''

After putting on the collagen pet underneath your eyes
you simply wait until it fully dissolved and then massage leftovers gently into your skin
I use these masks at least once a week and I love love love how soft they make my skin feel and even brighten it so it looks good even without make up! 
here you can also see the results of the hair color 
It's so soft and pastel, I love it la〜

That's it for today, 
hope you've enjoyed and weren't too scared by my no make-up face haha
Find the best skin care products at !

xx  Micky


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