Sunday, 15 June 2014


美拍 (Meipai) is a new video editing app, 
or actually rather a 'social network' such as instagram but only for videos.
you might have heard of it already or seen videos 
that were created in meipai on your instagram or Facebook. 
so basically this network makes it really simple to edit your videos, 
trim them, apply filters and add music 
so they look really professional and cool when you're done!
I love this app and use it a lot which is also the main reason I want to recommend it. 
You can even fit the outlook of the video to your mood 
or the theme of the content so it can represent emotions
like happy, funny, angry, sad or send the viewer 
straight into a magic world like a fairy tale! (*^_^*)

since meipai is a chinese app the main option to register an account 
is via connecting it to your weibo but it also offers Facebook 
in case you don't have a weibo account (like me = =).
The videos you share in meipai are automatically saved to your phone 
from which you can post them to any other social platform you like, 
such as tumblr or instagram. 
The use of this app is really easy and fast and it allows you 
to straight away share created videos to chinese networks : 
WeChat, Qzone & Sina Weibo and of course Facebook 
The app itself works in a very similar way to instagram actually;
you can like & comment on posts of others, explore, follow & be followed 
and have a home timeline with posts of the people you follow. 
The only negative point I could find about it so far is that 
it limitates the lenght of the video to 10 seconds and the 'tips' for advice are in chinese haha 
but it really didn't bother me since the use of the app
 is really so simple so you won't need help for it. 

If you're interested, check it out here or download it straight from the app store 

These are some of my videos from Meipai: 

(quite stupid to be honest :p)
feel free to add me if you have meipai ~(´・ω・`)

By The Way! - the Meipai equivalent for photos is called 
MeituPic and also offers many beautiful filters and is available in the app store as well. 

xx  Micky

Do you like posting videos on social networks? 


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