Sunday, 3 August 2014

shop shoes, shop lamodaUK!

Aaaaas the title already says, 
this post is about shoes, shoes & - shoes! 
finally i have found the perfect webstite for edgy style, monochrome shoes! 

And of course i have already purchased more than one pair before announcing they are my new favourite. I'm especially in love with white shoes and this shop offers the coolest cuts and designs of white shoes so.. yeah, this is my recent collection of Lamoda shoes.
(and i'm pretty sure further pairs will follow)

yay, i love these shoes and i just stop wearing them omg
they are super comfortable and even cheap! 
the only problem i have had so far is that the white, didn't stay that white for long but i guess that's a problem you'd encounter with all kinds of white shoes no matter what brand or price they are. 
love love love Lamoda shoes! 
so if you'd like to pump up your shoe collection a little as well 
but don't like to spend ridiculous amounts of money,
you should definitely check them out! ;D 

xx ♡ Micky


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