Monday, 15 June 2015


What happy dogs look like

Okay, I wanna tell you about quite an urgent matter today. It's regarding the Yulin festival 2015. 
During this festival held annually in Yulin, southern China, pets are robbed and snatched from their families and homes and dragged by a rope attached to a car, kept in tiny cages, boiled alive, tortured and beaten very badly. Each year over 10,000 dogs are killed this way! As a dog owner and dedicated animal lover this thought is just absolutely disturbing for me, not even to mention about how mad this makes me! 
Fortunately there is now a way for us to help stop this lunacy by signing a petition - so if you wanna help just click HERE and all you need to do it fill in a field with your first and last name, email and address. That's it! And with this tiny step you might be saving the lives of thousands of innocent animals! 
In addition to that the hashtag #stopyulin2015 is drawing a lot of attention on social media right now, so if you could just post any photo under the hashtag #stopyulin2015 you're already helping! 
For those of you that are brave enough, here's a report by vice about the annual festival and it's horrors.. 

Please don't just skip this post since this is something really close to a matter of heart to me and many other people out there and any help will be appreciated! 
Oh, and just btw. being a vegetarian I do not support any form of eating meat from animals, just because I think it's cruel. 

xx ♡ Micky (& Coco)



  1. awww so cute i have a dog too, Dogs are the best pets ever.. hope you can check our blog. we can follow each other too if you like =)

  2. It sounds terrible! How can someone do that? It's so cruel! I've never heard of this festival, but I signed the petition c: Thank you for sharing it!!!


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