Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Amsterdam, May 2015

So at the end of may before finally returning back home after spending the past 2 years in the UK, I made a stop at Amsterdam! The dutch capital is commonly known for it's great cheese and it's canals but I was looking to explore a different side of it all and, as a 'foodie', just felt like it was my mission to find the best places for having a snack or a proper meal, so that I can give you guys advice on where to go if you ever stop by Amsterdam! ;)

It's a great city for a trip, the atmosphere between the rows of small houses and countless canals is very relaxed and nearly everybody is calm and very friendly. You come to Amsterdam and time simply doesn't seem to matter this much anymore.. Hectic? What's that?!

Of course such a friendly, relaxed city is also great for green foods and clean eating! Even on my way to the city centre I already passed by a lot of shops and restaurants that offer non-processed foods.

My favourite however was the 'Peperwortel', located at the Overtoom 140.
Just look at how cute it already looks from the outside!

I decided to try their veggie curry which came with a flatbread and tasted even better than it looked.
It was simply amazing and apart from curry the deli also offers sandwiches, salads and tempting picnic baskets.

If you are more into sweet stuff however, there are countless of candy shops in the shopping area of Amsterdam offering fantastic Churros, Crepes and Belgian Waffles! 

My favourite here was the 'Jamin Amsterdam' at Leidsestraat 98-100 (it's a chain) where I tried a Belgian Waffle with Nutella, fresh Strawberry & Kitkat topping and it was by far the best Belgian waffle I've had in a while.

Are you hungry, yet?
Look at these delicious snacks! 

Okay okay, I'm not gonna torture you any longer..Of course I also went shopping a lot since the sheer endless shopping area is just amazing for that, regardless of what shop you're looking for, it's there! 

There's a canal behind me

One of the dresses I've bought
I also found traditional dutch wooden shoes! A little oversized maybe.. 

In addition to the food and shopping I also passed by this cute little art shop and just couldn't resist going inside.. 

So who did I go with on this beautiful trip? 
I went with my wonderful mom who also picked me up at the airport! 
After half a year, it was really nice to do something together.

Check out my Instagram for more photos 
(still uploading Amsterdam snaps here and then)!

Thank you for reading! 

xx Micky 


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