Thursday, 18 June 2015

Ditching foundations for summer!

Okay, so I've decided to be more natural this summer. That means abandoning all my foundations and concealers (as well as BB creams) for the season and relying on nothing but mascara, maybe some eyeshadow and lipsticks.
I decided to do so because I really wanna give my skin a break from all the powder and foundations and allow it some time to breathe and recover. 
Of course this concept doesn’t only bring positive points, so I've spent some time thinking of all the positive AND negative points of wearing no make up and this is what I've come up with: 

  • learning to be body positive & learning to love your face!-
  • make-up can cause serious skin problems
  • make-up can make your skin age quicker
  • allow your skin to breathe
  • time saving
  • cost saving 
  • it's less stress

  • people will assume you're sick or tired all the time since you look ‘paler’ than usual
  • you won’t have the opportunity to cover up irregularities 
  • might make you feel a little insecure until you get used to it
  • might make you a little lazy
  • you miss the fun time trying out new make-up techniques and looks

I am now in week 3 of completely having abandoned any foundations OR BB creams from my face and I think my bare skin already feels and looks so much better. It also actually appears cleaner and brighter than before. In addition to that not wearing make-up makes it so much easier to occasionally catch your face or rub your eyes when they’re itchy! Okay, this might appear as a bit of a funny one but I am one of these people that tend to rub or scratch their eyes a lot so wearing no make-up actually gives me the opportunity to do this without having to be extra careful or even having to avoid doing it at all, haha. 
I am not gonna mention men’s opinion on this topic since most men will say »I don’t like make-up on women« but in the end actually prefer women who wear make-up because, let’s face it, they don’t actually have an idea what a real 'bare face' looks like. Lol. 
But seriously girls, YOU are you're BIGGEST critic. Nobody criticizes and scrutinizes you as much as you do yourself! So maybe when you get up with the decision not to wear make-up next time and notice a small pimple on your forehead, just keep in mind that you might actually be the only one who even notices it.  

Regardless of the Contra points or any man's opinion on my 'bare face', I am determined to stick to my decision and my motto for this summer is:

Don’t modify the way you are because you’re beautiful just like this! 
Embrace your natural beauty!

What do you think?

xx  Micky



  1. Wow, this is such a great idea! Thank you for sharing it ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  2. You are lovely and cute♡♡
    Your trial is so so great!

    Have a sweet weekend!


  3. great idea!! i like you blog, i follow your blog :D

    beijinhos, sandra.

  4. Such a great idea! Thanks for sharing and you look fab!

    Sam x


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