Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Very first blog post...

wow, so this is it, my first 'real' blog〜♪
well, i've been on tumblr before but that was just a mixture of reblogging random photo's and posting my instagram uploads. 
so let's first introduce myself to you:
my name is michelle, but everyone just calls me micky, i'm 17 years old and live in luxembourg but am gonna move to torbay, in the uk soon. (-> this saturday... aaaahhhhh!! *excited!!*)
I love traveling, fashion, photography and my favourite sports is figure skating so i guess these will be the main topics of my future blog posts.
i'm really looking forward this and hope you're gonna like me & my posts ~(´・ω・`)

xoxo  Micky

ps.: this is my tumblr just in case it might interest you (*^_^*) 
(to see what inspires me)


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