Sunday, 22 September 2013

It's been 2 weeks now..

.. since i live in england and i think i've got enough time to make a first impression.
it is: absolutely amazing! i love it here- everything (except the very moody weather haha)!
i've met new super friendly people and made friends with them, 
done a lot of crazy things in the time i'm already here and simply enjoyed life. 
here are some pictures of the lovely, little town torquay, 
which the lucky me can call her new home for the next 2 years~

isn't it lovely?
i loved the day we went to the big wheel (*´ω`*)ノ
it definitely gives you the best view over torquay and you can take wonderful photos
(just like me^^)
i definitely recommend you to do this when you come to torbay and the weather is nice. 

well, not such a nice part, at least not for me, is the homework i get . 
but i know it needs to be done so i take my time to do it and it's seriously not too difficult. 

yesterday eve we went to the cinema watching insidious 2

here's the trailer:
(just in case you're interested and haven't seen it yet)

*omg omg omg*
i've screamed like a crazy!
 it was sooo scary, i loved it!! (;;;゛ω゛;;;)

oh! i've also bought a new phone because the old one broke..
(-> i've dropped it in the shower T___T)

and sent post cards & skyped with my friends a lot of course (^_^)v

and last but not least my pale, tired face (´ω`)
*just to give you a life sign* 

hope this post gave you some kind of impression of where & how i live now..(*´ω`*)ノシ

xoxo  Micky


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