Wednesday, 4 September 2013

☆ Summer Vacation 2013 〜 Paris ☆

this will be a very photo heavy post 
about my vacation trip to paris this summer ~(´・ω・`)

- haha our facial expressions -  
i suppose this is literally what you call a 'snapshot' :D

i couldn't resist buying a crepe with nutella..

paris alleys...

i love these little 'container shops' you find all along the banks of river rhone
i have never seen these in any other place i've been ( or just not noticed ^^) 
& i think it's really interesting.

of course also bought biscuits at this super duper cute biscuit shop (*^_^*)

of course it's a no go going to paris without eating macarons! ;D

l'arc de triomphe

in front of 'le centre pompidou' - i'm the one with the ''naked legs'' ^^

my absolute favourite at 'le centre pompidou' 
it's just so dope..

taken on the ride back
(my hair messy as usual T__T)

last but not least the eiffel tower ... plz just ignore my strange hair style _  _

hope you've enjoyed the picture and got kind of an impression of the city and our trip ;)
for more photos just view my instagram 

xoxo  Micky

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