Friday, 6 September 2013

☆Summer Vacation 2013~ Madrid ☆

this post will be about my summer trip to madrid where i went to visit some friends.
well, after this trip i can clearly say it is one of the most beautiful cities i've ever been to and definitely always worth a journey... 
(ok i admit, it also was one of the hottest cities i've ever been to ^^...  43°C --- ahhh!! )´0`()
here are my photos to proof it ;)

Madrid, i'm coming! (^ ^) 

my outfit of the day of arriving - look at my huge luggage case omg! (>o<)

my make up for that day
i look like a ghost lol (・ω・*

we were so lucky with the hotel since it was just at the gran via, 
one of the hot spots of madrid nightlife right in the centre of the city~ ♬

my coordinate for meeting my friends in spain! (^O^)

original spanish breakfast is so tasty! 

so glad i've bought these pants! i love them! o(^-^)o♪

you can't go to spain without having original tapas!(≡ · x · ≡) ♥

traditional spanish market (´・ω・`)⋈*⋆

of course we've also made a city tour

my coordinate for the city tour - i love that pull&bear jumper 

''el corte ingles'' is one of the biggest department store chains 
in spain and even in whole europe!

this is palacio de cristal (= the glass palace) in retiro park

palacio de cristal from the inside - simply amazing! 

on that day there were 43°C! 43!! can you imagine?!
that photo doesn't do justice to the heat at all! (´◉◞◟◉`)

we also went to starbucks to refresh!

best ice-cream parlour ever! *yum!*(^O^☆♪

the madrid cathedral is really worth a visit! 

the royal palace

i just can't describe how much i love the spanish architecture !
(although it's all neo-classicism)

mmmmmhhhhhh!... spanish pizza...(*^_^*)♡

at the retiro park with my 'compagnones' laura and cristina~(´・ω・`)

view from the sky bar of our hotel ~☆

my coordinate for the last evening in madrid 
- i've bought that dress at mango suit in madrid-

you can review (and like ^^) almost all the pictures on my instagram

xoxo  Micky


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