Saturday, 7 September 2013

England, I'm coming!~ ♬

Omg, tomorrow will be the day of my departure and i'm sooooo nervous.. 
i can't describe it in words.. (~o~)
my feelings are a mix of 'looking forward' and 'being afraid' 〜
my 'looking forward' ego says : 
»hey, you're gonna have a great time and make a lot of new friends over there!(*^^*)«
 and the 'being afraid' alter ego is like: 
»Just think about nobody is going to like you there and 
you're gonna get into a really strange and unfriendly host family 
who you'll have to stay two years with! TWO YEARS!(;_;)«
you see, i'm so nervous.. but actually (and that is the good thing!) my positive alter ego is stronger at the moment and this nervousness is more an excitement. 
let's come to the facts i already know about this 'journey', if you can still call it that...
( i mean i'm gonna stay there for 2 years!)
well, i'll go to the EF International Academy in Torbay, UK, to get my IB-Diploma
which basically is nothing else than an international A-Level. 
except some signatures of me and my parents for the contracts and the flight 
the EF team actually organized everything for me and 
i'm soo thankful for it! they were a really big help. 
if you're also interested into an IB-Diploma-Programme or an english graduation (A-Level), 
which will make it much easier to apply to international universities 
(especially in english speaking countries)
just check their website they're really good! 

all this preparation stuff was pretty stressful and really tiring for me omg, i'm SO tired ! 
(as you can see in the photo_| ̄|○)

xoxo  Micky

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